The main function of a spring, is to store energy and release it when necessary and function under the right load. The most common types of springs are coil springs. These are made of round wire and include compression, extension, and torsion springs (along with other variations of these). However, there are also other types of less popular springs such as wire form springs and die springs. In this article we will discuss a bit more about them and why, at Acxess Spring, we focus on manufacturing and commercializing only coil springs.

regular coil springs

Metal Coil Springs

Metal coil springs are made out of round metal wire, most commonly music wire or stainless steel. The most common wire size for regular round wire metal springs are .008 to .115 in diameter. These type of springs are designed to compress in the case of compression springs, to extend in the case of tension springs, or to torque in the case of torsion springs. At Acxess Spring we are experts in making both custom and stock coil compression, extension, and torsion springs of all shapes and sizes that meet your industry needs and specific application requirements.

Spring Wire Forms

Spring wire forms are spring wires formed in a bracket-like way. They can assist in storing energy and release it due to their shape. These are not coiled or have a cylindrical shape, rather they are curved and/or have concave shapes that allow them to be attached to a load and absorb energy (force). Spring leafs are one type of wire form that has been around for ages. Spring leaves where made out of flat wire that was curved to form an arc and was used in a suspension like manner for carriages and other heavy loads. We do have the capacity and knowledge necessary to make wire spring forms, but it is not currently something we specialize in or do very often since our niche is highly specialized and great quality coil springs.

spring wire forms

Whatever your coil spring needs, Acxess Spring has you covered. With over 25 years of specialized experienced in designing and creating quality custom springs, we can ensure you will receive highly satisfactory products and incomparable service. Contact us today at: (951) 276-2777.