Creation Requires Inspiration, For Everything Else, There is Acxess Spring

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No matter what you want to make, create, or invent, you need to take the right step first. Having an idea and being inspired is great, it is a driving force. However, having the right information and access to the best resources and tools can be even more empowering, and that is what we do.

Whether you want to invent a new device or improve a current product, finding the right components for your product is what makes all the difference.

Innovation starts with investigation and inspiration.

Springs are necessary components of many tools, devices, and products. These assist in creating motion, transferring energy, or automatizing a device to function. For example, retractable pens use compression springs to allow the button to be clicked thus creating a compressing motion. Extension springs can facilitate the stretching or resilience of certain products such as trampolines. Torsion springs make it easy to complete an open/close effect such as the pinch motion in hair clips and clothes pins. Learn more about the different types of springs here: Types of Springs.

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A spring might just be what your invention needs to enhance its functionality. No matter what industry your device falls under if it needs a spring we can help you find it! Contact Acxess Spring today at: (951) 276-2777 to buy the ideal spring for your product or device.