Our Instant Spring Quote is the fastest, easiest and most reliable quick quote system for custom springs. It allows you to instantly look for custom spring pricing and buy at amazing discount pricing, in different high-quality lots. In addition to this, we are currently working on improving our ISQ (Instant Spring Quote) tool enhancing it while creating a more practical overall design. However, as great and practical as our ISQ is, there might still be very special cases in which you may not get a custom spring quote. This is usually due to one of three common issues which we will further discuss below.

1. Wire Size:

At Acxess Spring we are equipped to manufacture different types and sizes of custom springs. However, when it comes to wire size, we can only manufacture your springs out of standard wire sizes. Sometimes, a size that is available in one material type may not be available in another. Since not every size is a standard size, if it doesn’t exist, we cannot make it.

As a reference, the following are the available wire sizes: 0.008" to 0.078" in both Music Wire ASTM A228(MW) and Stainless Steel 302 AST(SST 302) in all sizes. For sizes 0.079" to 1.250" please see our standard wire size chart here. Therefore, if you are looking for a custom spring with a specific wire size you may need to adjust your wire diameter to the nearest available size.

instant quote wire size

2. Material Type:

Another important factor to consider when trying to get a custom spring quoted instantly is the material type. As previously mentioned, there are certain material types that are not commonly available in certain wire sizes, but there are also extravagant materials that require us to quote your springs personally. In many cases, you can alternate for a similar wire type.

Please note that alternating materials is not always recommended, especially when it comes to springs that will be placed under humid and corrosive environments. In those cases, it is necessary that you acquire a stainless steel spring. In case that the size you are looking for is not automatically quoted, you can contact one of our design engineers for assistance in getting an accurate design and pricing for it at: (951) 276-2777

instant quote material type

3. Index Issues:

Spring index is the correlation (or the proportional ratio) between the mean diameter and the wire diameter of a spring. This specification helps to determine the manufacturability of the spring, and how tight or loose its coils are (factors that are greatly involved with the force, stress, and elastic capacity of such spring). If your spring index is too small you will need to decrease the wire diameter or increase the outer diameter in order to increase it. On the other hand, If your spring index is too large, you will need to increase the wire diameter or decrease the wire diameter.

NOTE: The minimum index is 4.0 on wire diameters from 0.008" to 0.115" and 3.0 on wire diameters 0.118" and above and the maximum index is 25.0 on all wire diameters.

Index = Mean Dia. ÷ Wire Dia.

Mean Dia. = Outer Dia. – Wire Dia.

Mean Dia. = Inner Dia. + Wire Dia.

instant quote spring index

If you have revised the previous issues and are still not getting a quote, you can also take a look at other possible reasons here: Instant Quote Help You may also call and ask for a design engineer at (951) 276-2777

We look forward to working with you.