Buy Custom Springs

Custom springs are ideal if you have a device or application that requires very specific dimensions and limited tolerances. Sometimes you find a similar spring in stock. However, if your application demands greater precision and/or more demanding requirements, your best option will be a custom spring.

The following are the advantages and situations in which purchasing custom springs is the best option:

  • More precise than stock springs.Custom springs are the ideal option for very unique or demanding products where precision is of utmost importance. In these cases, having your spring made to match your needs assures that they will fulfill the function exactly how you require it to.
  • More material type selection. When dealing with different environments and applications, you may require that your spring be made of a rare or extravagant type of material. Stock springs come in very standard material types, so they are usually only available in music wire or stainless steel. Custom springs, on the other hand, allow you to select the type of material you need from a much more diverse array of materials. This means that you can choose different material types based on whether they need to be non-magnetic, corrosion resistant (for moist environments), high temperature resistant, etc.

common material type selection.jpg

  • Additional optionsCustom springs also allow you to get even more specialized with the spring you want. Having a custom spring made gives you more options and modification solutions such as additional bends, different end type varieties, plating options, and selection of direction of wind.
  • More unique spring types Barrel springs and hourglass springs are another type of very specialized type of compression springs and are not stock items. These types of specialized springs are made to order so that they can be designed and created based on your specific requirements.
  • Greater quantities better pricing. Custom springs can also prove to be a better, less expensive solution for higher quantity orders. This can mean a lead time of 4-5 weeks but it allows you to save a great deal of money by getting wholesale pricing.

wholesale springs for sale

  • Ideal for production stages of an application.Custom springs are ideal for the production stage of a product or application where you have already tried, tested, and know exactly what you want. In this case, since you have already narrowed down your specs and know the exact spring dimensions you need in order for them to work as required, you are ready to have a higher amount of that spring made.
  • Easy design and accurate information on the spring capacity. Designing and creating your custom spring at our Acxess Spring website makes everything easier and better. Create a spring design with Spring Creator calculator. It will allow you to adjust the physical dimensions to fit your device. Then, verify that it meets the load capacity you require with the free spring analysis it provides, and email yourself a live blueprint to verify shape and elastic tolerances. Once the design is approved, you can have it made to meet your functional demands.

design your spring

As you can see custom springs are uniquely created to match all your needs. This includes the material type you need, the dimensions you require, and the load/elastic capacity you would like it to have.

At Acxess Spring we specialize in designing and creating custom springs that work just the way you want. However, we also understand that not every customer requires custom springs. In the early prototype stages, stock springs are really great for testing. That is why we created The Spring Store and are able to provide both custom and stock options for our customers, so we can meet the needs of different industries and stages of production. Contact us today at: (951) 276-2777 and let us help you buy the ideal spring.