Compression Spring Issues in Instant Spring Quote

Instant Spring Quote is an easy to use tool that allows you to get a fast and instant quote of the custom compression spring you are looking for. Through this tool, you can input the dimensions of the custom spring you need and immediately get pricing based on different quantity lots as well as directly order online. At we are constantly improving and working on enhancing our systems and tools and our ISQ (Instant Spring Quote) is a top priority. We will soon launch an improved version with an updated design and additional features such as blueprint and 3D visuals. As incredible as our Instant Spring Quote tool is, you may still stumble upon a custom spring that you do not get an instant quote for. The following are three common reasons why this happens and how you can address each case.

1. Wire Size:

We are equipped to manufacture different types and sizes of custom springs. However, when it comes to wire size, springs need to be manufactured with standard wire sizes. If you input a wire size that does not match a standard wire size we would be unable to make it and therefore you would not recieve a quote. Also, some wire size may only be available in one material type but not all. Keep in mind that the following are the available wire sizes: 0.008" to 0.078" in both Music Wire ASTM A228(MW) and Stainless Steel 302 AST(SST 302s. For sizes 0.079" to 1.250" please take a look at our standard wire size chart here.

compression spring wire

2. Material Type:

The material type of your compression spring is also important. Consider what material type you are selecting when trying to get a custom spring quoted. As we previously mentioned, there are certain material types that are not usually available in certain wire sizes, and there are also rare materials types that require us to quote your springs on a case by case basis. There are many times where you can alternate for a similar wire type. However, this is not always recommended, especially when it comes to springs that will be placed under humid and corrosive environments. In those cases, it is necessary that you acquire a stainless steel spring. If the material type you are looking for is not automatically quoted, please contact one of our design engineers at

instant quote material type

3. Index Issues:

Spring index is the proportional ratio between the mean diameter and the wire diameter of a spring. It is a number that helps determine the manufacturability of the spring, and how tight or loose the spring coils are (factors that are greatly involved with the force, stress, and elastic capacity of such spring). If your spring index is too small you will need to decrease the wire diameter or increase the outer diameter in order to increase it. Yet, if your spring index is too large, you can try increasing the wire diameter or decreasing the wire diameter.

NOTE: The minimum index is 4.0 on wire diameters from 0.008" to 0.115" and 3.0 on wire diameters 0.118" and above and the maximum index is 25.0 on all wire diameters.

Index = Mean Dia. ÷ Wire Dia.

Mean Dia. = Outer Dia. – Wire Dia.

Mean Dia. = Inner Dia. + Wire Dia.

compression spring index

We hope the following information is of assistance to your compression spring needs. In case that your spring design is not providing an instant spring quote and you have revised the previous issues please take a look at our Instant Quote Help Page You may also contact us directly and ask for a design engineer at (951) 276-2777

We are always glad to assist you in your coil compression spring needs.