Custom Helical Springs

We have provided our customers with an incredibly accurate online spring calculator. This revolutionized the way spring designs are engineered. We have also added a stock spring catalog that makes it easy to find springs in standard sizes and purchase them off the shelf. Our latest breakthrough in the spring industry was creating a Instant Spring Quote where you can instantly get pricing for custom springs and buy them on the spot. Now, we are getting ready to provide over 1,000,000 pre-designed helical springs. This will blend the effect of all three tools facilitating your spring design and shopping experience.

Spring Finder

The helical springs in this huge database are have an infinite range of dimension variations. These will be pre-designed helical springs that you can search for as if you were searching for a stock spring. You enter the spring dimensions you’re looking for and the search tool will go through our database to find the springs meeting those parameters. Once you get the results, you simply sort through them by other parameters to get the best-fitting helical spring.

Spring Creator

You will be able to get a pre-designed spring, with a full spring analysis thanks to the technology behind spring creator. It will search through all the available possibilities in wire diameter, outer diameter, total coils, and free length to provide you with real time designs. This means that the designs you see are manufacturable. Each design comes with an accurate analysis generated by Spring Creator so you can be sure it is accurate.

find custom helical springs

Instant Spring Quote

The Instant Spring Quote allowed us to quote these springs as custom parts and put a price to each one as well. Every wire diameter used is a stock size and the rest of the spring dimensions all fall into our quotable parameter. All of these springs have closed and squared ends and are made only from music wire but in the future we will expand to other customization options.

As you can see you will have all the best tools working as one so that you only have to focus on selection the spring you want to buy. It is important that you realize that these springs are not stock springs, they are simply stock designs. We want to help our customers avoid the long and tedious task of designing a spring that is manufacturable.

Now all you will have to do is take your spring’s dimensional and force parameters, search for them, and find one that is already designed and ready to go. Try it soon!

pre-designed helical springs