Custom Springs

Acxess Spring manufactures a variety of custom springs. We manufacture custom springs from prototypes to production. Our custom springs range in wire diameter from 0.006 inches to 1.00 inch

Custom Compression Springs

Compression springs are our most basic spring at Acxess Spring. We manufacture compression springs from 0.006 inch wire diameter to 1.00 inch wire diameter. However, there are a variety of custom features you can add to your compression spring.

Some of these features are:

  • Multiple closed ends on both sides
  • Stacked coils on one end and open pitch on the other
  • Open Ends
  • Ground Ends
  • Variable Pitch
  • Specialty end coil

Each of these custom features can be used for specific requirements in a design. For example a customer may want ground ends if the spring needs to sit flush against a surface. Another example may be variable pitch, this will allow the spring to produce more force at certain distances of travel and less at others. The last example used above is stacked coils, this may be beneficial if the spring needs to thread onto a bolt or over a shaft to give the spring stability.

There are also other springs, which are types of custom compression springs, that are manufactured at Acxess Spring. These springs include conical springs, barrel springs, and magazine springs.

Sample Custom Features

custom compression spring with several closed coils at the ends
custom compression springs with double closed ends
custom compression spring with open ends
custom compression spring with dual pitch
custom compression spring with tapered end

Conical Springs

Conical springs are almost exclusively a custom part. With a multitude of different shapes and taper angles the possibilites are very wide for this type of spring. Conical springs are very helpful in a product, especially when you are looking to save space in a design. Since conical springs can telescope, meaning the smaller coils can fit inside the larger ones, the solid height of the spring can be greatly reduced. You can see to the right some examples of the conical springs we manufacture.

We manufacture conical springs from 0.006 inch wire diameter to 0.100 inch wire diameter. If you are looking for a spring out of larger wire we would be happy to take a look at in on a case by case basis to see if it is something we can manufacture.

Sample Conical Springs

silver custom conical spring
blue custom cone spring

Barrel Springs

Another type of compression spring that is customized by shape is a barrel spring. A barrel spring is different from a conical spring because instead of having a larger coil and working your way down a barrel spring will have two end coils of the same diameter that are smaller than the outer diameter of the middle coils. This can be helpful for a solid height reduction the same way that conical springs can be. One of the main reasons for choosing a barrel spring is to prevent the compression spring buckling, meaning as the spring compresses the middle of the spring would buckle out preventing the spring from traveling any more. Some examples of a barrel spring can be seen on the images to the right.

We manufacture barrel springs from 0.006 inch wire diameter to 0.100 inch wire diameter. We can look at springs over a 0.100 inch wire diameter on a case by case basis.

Barrel Springs Examples

purple convex barrel spring
gold convex barrel spring
green 3d barrel spring drawing

Magazine Springs

Magazine springs are a custom compression spring used in the magazine of a gun. Instead of the stock custom spring shape the magazine springs will have an oval shape instead of the standard circular shape. This gives the magazine spring two outer diameters, the outer diameter of the width and the outer diameter of the height.

Acxess Spring manufactures magazine springs from 0.015 inch wire diameter to 0.100 inch wire diameter.

Magazine Springs Example

custom magazine spring

Extension Springs

Extension springs are another type of spring that Acxess Spring manufactures in both the stock and customer areas. We manufacture extension springs from 0.006 inch wire diameter to 1.000 inch wire diameter. Stock extension springs will have simple machine or cross-over hook ends where as custom extension springs work differently.

Some of the custom features of extension springs are:

  • Extended hook on one end and standard hook on the other
  • Extended hooks on both ends
  • Custom hook gaps
  • Bends off the legs of the extension springs
  • Pitch, if the spring needs to extend and compress

You can see a few examples of custom extension springs to the right. Please remember the more custom features you add to a spring, the more expensive that spring becomes to manufacture. Make sure all custom elements you are adding to your spring are necessary for the functionality of your design.

Extension Springs Examples

custom extension spring with extended hooks
custom extension spring with extended hooks but with different hook lengths
custom extension spring with a side hook and an extended hook

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are probably the most customizable of all spring types. With a multitude of free position angles, bend types, and bend angles the possibilities are endless. Torsion springs are normally used as a hinge spring or a lever spring. They are most effective at returning a device to its original position after force has been applied. For example if you have any product where a door opens when pressure is applied and closes when pressure is released you are most likely using a torsion spring.

Customizable features on a torsion spring include

  • 90 degree bends
  • Radial Bends
  • Free Position
  • Loops
  • Pitch
  • Leg Lengths
  • Direction of Wind

Acxess Spring manufactures torsion springs from 0.006 inch wire diameter to 1.000 inch wire diameter. Some examples of the torsion springs we manufacture can be seen in the images to the right.

Torsion Springs Examples

torsion spring with pitch in between its coils and a bend on one of the legs
torsion spring with offset hook bend and offset straight bend on its legs.
torsion spring with pitch in between its coils and typical legs
torsion spring with short hook bend on one of its legs and a longer leg with a slight bend on the end.

Double Torsion Spring

Double torsion springs are an example of a custom feature available for torsion springs. Double torsion springs serve the same function as torsion spring but are used for instances where a different amount of force is required that cannot be achieved by using a single torsion spring. The most common example of a double torsion spring is a mouse trap.

Specialty features on a double torsion spring:

  • Specific dimension on the u-bend between springs
  • Bends on the legs
  • Radial loops on the legs
  • Specific Leg Lengths
  • Pitch in the coils

We manufacture double torsion springs from 0.010 wire diameter to 0.100 inch wire diameter. To see an example of a double torsion spring please see the image to the right.

Double Torsion Spring Examples

double torsion spring with bends on the legs
blue custom double torsion spring
purple custom double torsion spring
custom double torsion spring

Garter Springs

Garter springs are another product that Acxess Spring manufactures that are specifically custom. Garter springs are mostly used as seals inside a urethane or rubber product. They can also be used to produce a radial force opposed to a linear (push/pull) force. For example when a garter spring is fitted around a product and the product expands, the spring will produce a force in opposition to the expansion causing it to return to its original state. Acxess Spring manufactures garter springs from 0.006 inch wire diameter to 0.100 inch wire diameter.

Some custom features on garter springs

  • Pitch
  • Connection Options
  • Loop and Hook or Connector Insert

Garter Springs Examples

custom garter spring with male and female connecting ends
custom garter spring with hook connecting ends