Custom Wire Springs


Custom wire springs are basically wires that are shaped and formed into a set of adjacent coils for the purpose of “deforming” under a specific load and returning to its original shape once the load has been removed.
custom compression wire spring with dual pitch

Custom Wire Compression Springs

Custom wire compression springs are springs who’s adjacent coils have pitch in between and they are used to be pushed down on by the previously mentioned load. These springs have a linear rate because the diameters of its coils remain the same through out the body of the spring as well as the pitch in between each coil. There are cases when you will require to have a non-linear custom compression wire spring which means that you may alter the diameter of some of the coils or adjust the amount of pitch in between the coils so that there is more pitch in between the coils of one section of the spring than on the remaining section(s) of the spring.

custom extension wire spring with extended hooks

Custom Wire Extension Springs

Custom extension wire springs are those springs who’s adjacent coils are closed wound, meaning all of the coils are touching. Their function is to extend under a specific load and to shrink back to (return to) its original length. Extension wire springs also have a linear rate of force except and additional force already stored within the spring’s coils is added on. This force additional to the one specified by the spring rate is called initial tension and it is released once the extension spring’s coils are pulled apart just enough so that you’re able to see light in between the coils. Custom modifications like coil diameter adjustments may also be applied to a custom extension wire spring as well as hook variations.

custom torsional wire spring with pitch in between the coils

Custom Wire Torsion Springs

Custom torsional wire springs are also made up of close wound adjacent coils. This spring’s function and form of deflection is through torque. The torsion wire spring’s coils are twisted in the same direction that the spring was wound thus shrinking its inner diameter. Its force is linear but in this case the spring will deflect in degrees of travel. Torsion spring custom modifications vary. The legs of the torsional wire spring may need certain bends in order for the spring to be installed correctly and to be able to work with other mating parts. Another custom torsion wire spring modification is to add pitch in between the torsion wire spring’s coil thus turning it into a torsional compression wire spring.

custom conical wire spring

Custom Wire Conical Springs

Custom conical wire springs are actually custom compression wire springs since their function is the exact same; they are made to compress under a load and to return to their original length once the load has been removed. The difference in this type of spring is that the outer diameters of the coils have been modified to where the spring has a cone/tapered shape. Also, due to the fact that the outer diameter, paired with the wire diameter, makes a difference in force, those coils which have a smaller diameter will be stronger and those with larger outer diameters will be weaker. This is because a coil with a tighter spring index is less flexible. That being said, since the coil diameters vary, the spring has a non-linear spring rate.

custom garter wire spring

Custom Wire Garter Springs

Custom garter wire springs are extension springs with modified ends which form mating parts so that they may connect and form a garter belt. The function of these custom extension wire springs is to apply pressure on the object they are being wrapped around since the force gathered in a spring will always try to break free and make it return to its original shape.

custom barrel (concave) and barbell (convex) wire springs

Custom Barrel/Barbell Wire Springs

Custom barrel/barbell wire springs are also custom compression wire springs. Their coil diameters are also adjusted like those in a custom conical wire spring except these do not form a cone/tapered shape. Custom barrel wire springs are convex which means that the coil diameters in the ends are small and grow larger as you get to the center of the custom barrel spring’s body. They are kind of like a diamond. Concave barbell wire springs on the other hand, have large coil diameters on the ends and the coil diameters get smaller as you get closer to the barbell spring’s center coils. They get their names from their particular shape.

custom magazine wire springs

Custom Wire Magazine Springs

Custom magazine wire springs are also custom compression wire springs except the size of the diameters is not affected here. It is the shape of the coils which has changed. Custom magazine wire springs are custom compression wire springs with oval or rectangular shaped coils. The shape of this spring’s coils does not affect its linear/constant spring rate of force because, although the coils have a different shape than most custom wire springs, they are all the same within the same spring. The only way that the spring rate may be affected is if the custom magazine wire spring has variable pitch.