Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Customizable 2D Blueprints and Spec Sheets from Instant Spring Quote

In the fast-paced, precision-oriented world of mechanical engineering, there's a dire need for tools that streamline design and fabrication processes. The language and communications offered by blueprints and spec sheets is paramount. That's where Acxess Spring’s Instant Spring Quote (ISQ) shines. Its revolutionary 2D blueprints and spec sheets are the fastest and simplest way to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing. Let's delve into this user-friendly interface to understand how you can optimize your mechanical springs' specifications to a T.


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Create a Custom Blueprint / Spec Sheet

The Instant Spring Quote, aside from being a tool for purchasing and procurement to buy custom springs faster than ever, is also a great tool for engineers to bring those custom spring designs to life. To get started, select a spring type and fill out the form by entering your spring’s physical dimensions and selecting a material type. Upon clicking on “Get Quote,” the ISQ will instantly generate the following:

  • Custom 3D model - which you can turn and rotate
  • Instant Quote - with pricing from 1 to 25,000 pieces
  • Downloadable 3D CAD files - in the most popular formats
  • 2D Blueprint - with all the specs needed to verify and manufacture the spring
  • Custom online spring force tester - live representation of the spring in motion

To review the design and make adjustments, head over to the “Specs & Tolerances” tab. Here you will be able to view the physical dimensions you have already entered, as well as functional data powered by the complex formulas embedded into the ISQ’s algorithm.

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What the 2D Blueprint Includes

The custom 2D blueprint offered in the “Specs & Tolerances” tab on the ISQ is a mechanical engineer's dream come true. It serves as a conduit between concept and realization, allowing you to edit and download custom blueprints and spec sheets of springs. The blueprint’s format includes the following information:


  • Design Identification - Custom, auto-generated part numbers (in inches and millimeters) as well as the spring type.
  • Manufacturing Specifications - These assist manufacturers in determining the manufacturing complexity of your spring, as well as the amount of material and tools needed to produce the springs. Such specifications include Spring Index and weight per thousand.
  • Physical Dimensions - These are the dimensions you have already entered into the ISQ, along with other dimensions that are automatically calculated from them such as inner diameter and active coils.
  • Functional Specifications - These parameters, like spring rate, are utilized to ensure the springs will provide the desired functionality and performance.
  • Tolerances - These are the manufacturing tolerances you are to expect upon placing an order. They are displayed next to each applicable dimension. If the tolerances need adjusting, you can start by adjusting the spring’s physical dimensions to accommodate a better range, or contact us if you need them to be tighter.

This documentation complements the blueprint by detailing every critical aspect of the spring design - from the physical characteristics, to performance criteria, as well as adherence to safety standards.


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Instant Spring Quote’s 2D Blueprints and Spec Sheets.

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Functional Editing & Testing

Having the spring rate will permit you to calculate your spring’s working loads. Likewise, knowing the max safe load and max safe travel will indicate whether or not the spring is able to take on the load or displacement you plan to apply. However, we have taken the manual work completely out of the equation and provided a space to let the ISQ do it for you.

You will notice that the working loads section of the blueprint is blank. This is because they are editable and customizable. They are also linked to the Hooke’s Law algorithm programmed into the ISQ, so you can enter one of two values - the force, or the final displacement length/position - and the other value will automatically calculate itself.

custom mechanical spring load testing


We have also taken it a step further by allowing you to see a visual 3D representation of your spring going to work on those working loads by using the OSFT on the next tab. This is an Online Spring Force Tester. Read more about it here. 


Fine-Tuning Spring Specifications

By leveraging the specs on the 2D blueprint, you can adjust individual parameters to meet the most stringent requirements. Be it the spring's outer diameter, free length, wire diameter, or the spring rate — you get to decide it all. This granular control enhances accuracy, thus reducing the potential for errors during production, which can save both time and resources.

Downloading Custom Blueprints and Spec Sheets

Once you've tailored your spring's specs, update your blueprint to include approval and revision information, as well as the notes section of your print. Then, email the final copy to yourself and colleagues. You will get a PDF copy of the blueprint, along with an instant spring quote, which will allow your custom spring to travel from design, to procurement, to manufacturing in record time. You can also store these files for future reference, ensuring the replicability of your successful projects and consistency in your production line.


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Design your custom spring using Instant Spring Quote

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Custom Spring Blueprints and Specs Sheets today!


Why Choose Instant Spring Quote

Our platform is more than just a tool; it's an ally to mechanical engineers seeking to optimize their design processes. With the 2D blueprints and specs, you can experiment with different spring designs until you find the perfect fit, without incurring additional costs or time delays. It's your one-stop destination for swift, efficient, and precise mechanical spring design.

The spec sheet lays down the specifics of the spring in a well-structured format, ensuring clear communication between the engineer and the manufacturer. Leading to a streamlined manufacturing process with a minimal margin for errors. There's no denying the critical role that precision plays in mechanical engineering. You can now take your spring designs to unprecedented heights of accuracy. It's time to empower your projects with the perfect blend of innovation and precision.


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