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  1. Max Safe Travel in Metal Springs

    Elastic Limit = Maximum Safe Travel

    When it comes to springs, the terms “maximum safe travel”. “elastic limit” and “taking a set” can be a little confusing to understand because they are all related. These terms are all related to the importance of respecting the limits of deflection that each spring has.

    Springs can only be compressed, extended, or torqued to a certain point before it is too far. Since each spring design is different, it is very important that you know the limits of the specific spring you are using.

    The elastic limit of a spring (a.k

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  2. What is Spring Stress?

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

    Stress can be damaging, it can break you, if not dealt with correctly it can even kill you. However, stress can also be quite useful. When managed adequately it may serve a greater purpose, such as increased productivity and improved functionality.

    What is Spring Stress?

    Spring stress is the pressure or tension placed on a spring. There are three main factors that play a role in spring stress. One is the spring index (how tight the coils are). Another is the working loads or force it undergoes. Lastly, the environment the spring is in can also create additional stress (such as high heat). These three factors make up spring stress and will directly affect its capacity and lifespan.

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