As of last Wednesday, March 11th of this year 2020 the World Health Organization has officially declared the COVID-19 virus a pandemic. We, at Acxess Spring, urge everyone to remain calm and not panic. Yes, t is important to take precautions in order to protect each other and those most vulnerable to any illness, but fear is not necessary.

Fear and panic do the total opposite of what we want. They create chaos, selfishness and unnecessary stress that can lead to even more danger for everyone and cause all sorts of other illnesses in the long run. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of suggestions for both our team and our customers as we get through these times together.

Coronavirus Acxess Spring

1. Stay calm and just be extra diligent about caring for your health and of those around you. Do wash your hands regularly and keep hand sanitizer with you. Use mouth coverings whenever possible.

2. Avoid large public gatherings and wear a mask if you need to go out.

3. Do not go to work or leave your home if you start feeling sick or physically exhausted. Instead make sure you talk to your health care provider.

4. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated at all times and take your vitamins!

5. Take this time to do something nice for those in vulnerable situations even if it’s just calling them and checking in on them. If you are going to the store offer to run errands for those in need and in difficult situations.

6. Please keep others in mind and do not hoard the supplies in the store as there may be those that are in great need and if you have extra supplies please share them with those you know are suffering.

7. Carry out acts of kindness. Such as teaching older generations that don’t know how to use their phone or internet to keep in touch with others.

8. Stay safe and informed but do not invest more than necessary in overexaggerated social media or unreliable resources of information. Instead, find fun ways to enjoy time at home with your family and make the most of this situation in a positive way.

In times of adversity is when we need to show up most (speaking figuratively of course). Here at Acxess Spring we are staying open and operating in our regular hours and all shipments are being made. If you have any concerns or suggestions about our working hours or your product please feel free to contact us at: (951) 276-2777