At Acxess Spring we are dedicated to your success through springs that empower your proyects. As a fast-growing spring company that has been renovating the industry for 25 years (In fact, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this month) we have come far with different tools and calculators to help you in your search for the perfect spring. Over the years we have introduced different tools to help you find and buy both stock and custom springs at low prices. We have several divisions such as where you can find several tech tools to help you both in designing your compression spring as well as buying them instantly. As part of our mission to improve the spring world we created a Spring Finder tool that allows you to search for Conical springs in stock and not just be tied down to custom options. Today we want to address some general, but key points that you should know about this special type of compression spring.

Conical springs are a type of compression spring that because of their shape are also known as tapered or cone springs. The coil diameters of this type of spring are variable. They have a large outer diameter on one end and a small outer diameter on the other end. Due to the shape the rest of the coil diameters are variables as they increase or decrease in size (depending on how you see it) from one end to the other.

conical spring search tool

Our large stock spring department allows you to quickly search online through our stock conical tapered spring catalog using Conical Spring Finder. Simply select the spring type at the top of the Spring Finder tool and enter one or more spring dimensions to find the ideal spring for your application. These springs are non-linear since they don’t have a constant rate of force per unit of distance traveled. Instead, they have an average spring rate which you’ll see in its specifications on our stock conical spring catalog.

conical spring with title

Conical tapered springs are useful for many things. You can turn a regular compression spring design into a conical spring design in order to give it stability. This is especially useful to replace a compression spring whose coil diameter is too small in proportion to its free length which causes a large slenderness ratio that can make the spring bend or buckle during deflection.

coil spring with high slenderness ratio

Barrel and barbell springs are another alternative similar to conical springs because they also have tapered shaped diameters but the shapes these springs are different. A barrel spring looks like a barrel which makes the top and bottom coil diameters small and the middle ones bigger. A barbell spring has the end coil diameters large and the middle ones small in the shape of an hourglass. That is why a barbell spring can also be called hourglass spring. All these are types of compression springs but differ from conical springs and regular compression springs because of their shape.

stable coil conical spring under deflection

Conical compression springs are also very useful when it comes to reducing solid height. They perform a telescope effect which means that the smaller coils sink into the larger coils as the spring deflects. It doesn’t necessarily have to telescope flat either as long as the mean diameter of the smaller coil meets the inner diameter of the larger coil, you’ll still be able to save space.

conical spring under deflection performing a telescope effect

Custom and Stock Conical Spring Options

As a company with both custom and stock divisions we can meet any of your conical tapered spring needs. Whether you need a few different prototype coil springs to test out or need thousands of a specific custom cone spring, we are happy to help. Our coil custom division can be reached at:(951) 276-2777 and you can look online for a huge selection of stock spring options at our online website:

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