We are super excited to welcome this new year with you! We hope that you got to enjoy the Holiday season with your friends and loved ones and are now ready to start the year. We know that we are! We are so excited about starting off with fresh goals and deadlines, that we started diving into the company goals for the year. Today we want to share some of our experience and findings in hopes that it may help you and your business.

So many of us want to start off with tons of goals, and a long list of positive changes that we want to implement, and as a company, we tend to do this too. So many times we end up writing out a large to-do list but fail in the action plan because we don’t take into account the individual work and aspirations of each team member.

While we can certainly be guilty of this, this year, we realized that, as a company, we are literally the sum of each of our employee’s goals. This may seem obvious to some, but sadly, many businesses don’t realize this. They continue to strive for long lists of things they feel the company should achieve while failing to consider the personal goals of each team member and how to use the power of this to reach higher achievements.

acxess spring goal setting

Instead of trying to make a big list and then assigning a bunch of tasks to the team members, we decided to reverse the process and asked each individual what their personal goals are in contribution to the company. This really had some positive turnarounds. Next, we worked to combine each individual's goals with each other and the department. After this, we used the department goals to generate the company goals and based on this, divided it into quarter goals for each department. Each department then created their own tasks to complete the goals and each individual their to-do lists for the first quarter.

We look forward to seeing the result and sharing our advancements and feedback. Most of all, we encourage you to take a look at your own company strategy for goal-setting and challenge you to improve the way you think about the way you set your goals this year.

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