In the USA, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September. At Acxess Spring, like most companies across all industries, we take this day off to enjoy and spend time with our families and we want to share more about what this day means to our industry and many others.

Labor Day, is a day where we recognize all the labor and hard work that the American workforce has dedicated towards the social and economic growth of our country. On this day we observe and recognize all the efforts put in as a society to contribute to the nation’s success and prosperity, but it wasn’t always that way. It took a lot of courage and work from generations before us to unite and work towards what we now celebrate so easily every September.

labor movement

Labor Movement

The actual labor day movement started in the early industrial age in America. The work conditions for almost all workers were truly horrible and dangerous, the pay was terribly low due to the lack of min wage laws, and most workers worked all day making barely enough to survive. This led to kids also having to work in the same horrible conditions and soon workers realized something needed to be done. Several smaller actions took place but finally the movement really took off with a strike against wage reductions in 1978.

The First Labor Day

The first Labor Day was actually a mix of a parade and strike. Over 10,000 workers, organized by the Central Labor Union, took an unpaid leave on September 5, 1882. The parade ended with concerts and speeches demanding worker rights and better conditions.

First State to Make it a Holiday

Although the first big Labor movements took place in New York, after the first parade other areas started to hold their own labor parades and in 1887 Oregon declared its Labor Day a holiday.

Making it Official

The rest of the states took longer but finally in 1894 Congress established the first Monday of every September as the official Labor Day Holiday in all states.

Other cool facts on this day.

There are other interesting facts about labor day, such as the fact that the very first waffle house in the USA was opened on Labor Day in 1955 . Also, Labor day is practically the “Unofficial NFL Season Kickoff Day.” Among other things Labor day is also considered the unofficial end of summer and today many celebrate it by going to the beach, attending a parade, having a backyard barbecue or even going shopping. Let’s not forget that no matter how you decide to spend it, it is a day to remember how far our labor force has come and how much we have and can achieve

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At Acxess Spring and The Spring Store, we want to remind you that no matter what industry you are in, all the work you put in, matters.

We care about your business and strive to always create the best springs for your products. No matter how many obstacles you have faced to keep your business running this year, Labor Day is a day to recognize your work and celebrate, because no matter what, we are all a small part of something big. We believe it is all about springing into action. Contact us today for quotes or questions at: (951) 276-2777.