Most Americans know who Martin Luther King Jr. was and that somewhere in January we celebrate his birthdate as a Federal holiday. We know he had a dream, and that dream helped many to find the courage to stand up for freedom and equality. What many do not know is exactly what he stood for, and how long it really took to make this holiday a truly commemorated day by all states.

Martin Luther King Jr. led a non-violent activism movement to protest against racial discrimination laws. In 1984, his birthday was signed into law as a holiday but it was not observed until 3 years later. Even then, many states resisted its observance. It was not until 2000 that all 50 states started to observe it for the first time.

At Acxess Spring, we want to commemorate this day by reminding our staff and customers what Martin Luther King really stood for. He stood for courage. The courage to speak up for what you believe is right (in a respectful non-violent way). He stood for bravery, the bravery to question something you believe is wrong, and be different in a world that demands that you blend in and not question the law. He stood for unity, the power of staying united for a cause bigger than oneself. He stood for love, the love to transform ourselves, our reactions, our environment and, ultimately, our nation, for the best. He stood for dreams, dreams bigger than one person, dreams bigger than laws, dreams bigger than current reality and dreams that mark history. Dreams that lead us closer to the lives we deserve and want for ourselves, for our kids, for our families.

Acxess Spring is a company that stands up for all these things; courage, bravery, unity, love, but most of all, dreams. We believe in every inventor that contacts us for engineering assistance. We believe in every prototype product that reach out to us with spring needs. We believe in our staff, our customers, their businesses, their dreams. One of our biggest goals is to help YOU succeed! So whether you are our commercial partner, employee, customer, or looking to do business with us, know that we build trust, not just springs. We build dreams, not just stock. We coil the force that empowers your product, your business, your dreams.

We care about your dream and the vision you have for your product, and we put all this care and precision into each spring we create. We are proud to be a tiny part of your dream. This Martin Luther King day, remember to care, remember your dreams, remember to work towards them and work with those that help you reach them.

Acxess Spring Dreams