Springs come in all shapes and sizes; small springs, big springs, heavy springs, long springs, short springs, etc. You can find springs so tiny, they are smaller than a fingernail and so large, they need to be carried by several persons. This is especially true for springs that can be customized and manufactured in with non-standard characteristics.

Although there are limits as to what is manufacturable for a custom spring, there are also all kinds of weird-looking spooky springs. We don’t necessarily specialize in rare and extravagant springs, but throughout the years we have seen some pretty scary looking springs both in size and shape. That is why we thought we’d share some more on spooky springs that are out there.


This may not sound weird but it definitely looks very strange and spooky. As you can see in the following link and video someone decided to weld thick heavy-duty springs into the rim of a tire and remove the rubber wheel. Surprisingly, as you can see in the video, it actually worked for this person in rough terrain, and according to what they say, it was actually better than regular wheels in the uneven and difficult surfaces they drove on. Check out these weird-looking, spooky spring tires: HERE

coil spring tyres


Toys can also be very strange no matter what they are made of, and although the regular slinky is now a standard toy, it wasn’t always seen that way. For many, it was strange and weird to see a big sloppy spring but it is now one of the most traditional and popular toys, and we may not perceive it as a spring at first, but technically, it is. It is made up of plastic and metal coils, so it can be considered an extension spring without hooks due to its extending movement. Now, there is this new weird-looking toy that has the impression of being a slinky, but it seems to be so much more. Some would consider it a weird looking coil spring but you can judge for yourself. Take a look at it here: Toroflux Stainless Steel Toy

new slinky spring toy


As we previously mentioned, we have seen some weird looking springs throughout the years. Some are for really strange devices, others for doors and different retraction pieces that go into everyday use applications, such as cars. There are also different types of springs such as leaf springs that we no longer manufacture because we focus on coil springs. You can see here how some leaf springs are used in cars and the difference between these leaf springs and coil springs HERE

weird spooky springs

Although we do not specialize in weird or spooky-looking springs, we do specialize in coil custom springs. Our sales and engineering team can assist you in both designing and manufacturing the custom springs you need for your device or application. Contact us today and talk to one of our specialized engineers at (951) 276-2777 or email us at sales@acxesspring.com

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