The Art of Spring Making: What many don't understand about the complexity of springs

Making springs is truly an art. There is so much that goes into each spring that it can be hard to perceive it all by just looking at one. That is why many people still think that a spring is just coiled wire, but springs are so much more than that. Making a spring requires precision, calculation, design trials, in depth planning, material purchasing, set ups, specific testing, heat treating, post manufacturing verification, constant quality control, much dedication, skill, and experienced work. Still, it is not uncommon for people to complain about a custom spring needing a 4 week lead time or a batch of 25 springs costing over $300 USD. We hope the following information will provide new insight regarding the value and dedicated work it requires to manufacture quality precision springs

spring design and purchase

Design and purchase

Many don’t realize that the price of a spring does not account for just the material it requires to make it. There is so much more to account for. First off, many custom springs require assistance in designing or adjusting the design to properly meet the requirements. Next, the tolerances need to be signed off and we need to verify that the sign off is received in order to schedule the spring for set up.

spring setup

Set up

Setup is a very tedious process. It requires inputting information and adjusting it, while testing the adjustments and measuring the springs that come out of those adjustments. This is done repeatedly until the perfect spring is manufactured. Once this is achieved, the entire batch is ran. Each batch is then put through a complete quality control process.

quality and certifications

Quality Control

After the springs have passed the quality control check, they are then sent to be properly weighted, packaged, labeled, and shipped. As you can see, this is all a quite time-consuming and skilled process that demands a lot of care, problem solving, adjustments and resources.

The Reason Behind Pricing and Lead Time

There are very few companies that actually have the full capacity, experience, skill, and complete understanding of how meticulously demanding the entire process can be. At Acxess Spring, we have mastered the process and can carefully carry it out with precision and more efficient effort. This allows our prices to be quite competitive without sacrificing quality. As you can see, manufacturing just one piece requires as much work as manufacturing 25 because the design, set up and manufacturing process will still be the same. That is why our prices from 1 piece to 25 are the same. However, as the purchase quantity increases, the unitary price of the spring decreases. The entire process of ensuring that you obtain a quality spring also demands proper scheduling, set up and quality control standards that require time, and therefore, can result in lead times of 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity, material type and dimensions of the spring.

Acxess Spring, we truly care about your spring needs and look to provide only the highest quality pieces for the job. Get an Instant Spring Quote or contact us directly to place an order at: (951) 276-2777