Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!


  1. Custom Spring Certifications

    At Acxess Spring we create high quality custom springs that meet your needs. Our advanced online tools allow you to design and quote the spring you need. We offer our customers the highest quality springs at the best prices and have a number of certifications that we can provide for our customers to meet their demands. One of the things we provide is Certificates of Conformance and Material certifications including Rohs and DFARS. Learn more details about each certification below.

    certificate of conformance

    Certificate of Conformance

    A certificate of

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  2. Small Custom Spring Applications

    Small springs are everywhere, you may not see them but they are a part of all sorts of devices and applications around you.  Springs are considered small when their wire diameter ranges from 0.005 to 0.020, and their length tends to be under two inches. These can be found in calculators, remote controls, toys, lead pencils and retractable pens, lotion dispensers, and all sorts of products. There different kinds of small springs; from torsion to extension, and compression. The following are some of the most common products that use small springs.

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  3. Quality Control Process for Custom Springs

    Creating custom springs is an art that requires mastery. At Acxess Spring we have mastered that art and that is why we emphasize so much on quality control and excellence. We strive to make the most accurate and efficient springs while ensuring that our customers are satisfied with both the product and our service.

    Our superb quality control process for coil springs made to order is as follows:

    • First, a work order is created and verified by two persons to ensure that what is being asked is in fact accurate. Once the work order is ready the order is scheduled to be set up in the machines.
    • After the machine is set up one or two springs are ran. These are taken to be inspected as a first article check before the entire lot is ran and to ensure set-up has been properly adjusted.
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  4. History of Springs

    Springs have come a long way over the years. The function of springs has been quite necessary for the creation and development of different industries. Still, springs didn’t always look like they do now. A long time ago most springs were made of flat wire in curved form and were called leaf springs. Still, it wasn’t until 1763 that coil springs were created. Today, coil springs are very common and widely used. They are more compact and readily available, that is why most applications use coil springs. Below are a few highlights of springs and the spring industry across different decades.

    spring robert hooke

    1333 BC: The Tutankhamuns class chariot

    Around 1333 BC The Tutankhamen-Class chariot,

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  5. September 11: Tragedy and Triumph

    tragedy and triumph

    Tragedy and Triumph

    -Ana E. Gaeta

    17 years ago, tragedy struck and an entire nation bled as we all shed tears of pain, fear, hate and despair. It wasn't a building that collapsed, it was a nation that was attacked. Today we spring towards greater heights; not without caution, but with a much more diligent and strong attitude, with the drive and desire to always learn and grow.

    No one would have imagined that in the blink of an eye, every American would be paralyzed as we stood in shock, staring at a TV monitor, watching the twin towers fall, tears dripping down our eyes trying to swallow hard, unable to digest the chaos that was going on, unable to sustain the pain

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  6. Create and Innovate With Acxess Spring

    Innovate, Create and Enhance Your Device With a Spring

    At Acxess Spring, we are big on innovation. We often work with engineers, inventors, and anyone trying to create or improve a product. We help them find a stock spring or create a custom one that matches their needs. After years of assisting many of our customers, one-on-one, we realized that we needed to empower them to better comprehend springs and buy the right ones. Therefore, we created tools and resources to meet their needs.

    Technical Information made easy. We started writing articles that would provide users with valuable information to help them understand different aspects of spring design and spring applications. You can take a look at these articles here: Tech Info.

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  7. Create and Innovate With the Right Spring

    Creation Requires Inspiration, For Everything Else, There is Acxess Spring

    At Acxess Spring we have eliminated the hard work and made it simple to find all you need when it comes to springs. From information, to the right product, and the best pricing.

    No matter what you want to make, create, or invent, you need to take the right step first. Having an idea and being inspired is great, it is a driving force. However, having the right information and access to the best resources and tools can be even more empowering, and that is what we do.

    Whether you want to invent a new device or improve a current product, finding the right components for your product is what makes all the difference.


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  8. A Part of Something Big

    fourth of july

    Fourth of July: that time of year when we get to enjoy the sun, take the day off and spring into celebration... but there is more to it than that.

    It can be easy to let the fireworks and celebration get all our attention, but we should not forget the essence of this day. At Acxess Spring, we want to take the time to recognize and acknowledge what Independence Day is about. It is about recognizing the blessing of freedom, the responsibility that comes along with it, and the hard work it took to obtain it.
    Independence day is about being part of something bigger. It is about shaping a nation with more than self-interest in mind. Our country was built on that; on the idea that unity and hard work builds communities, builds businesses, builds
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  9. Max Safe Travel in Metal Springs

    Elastic Limit = Maximum Safe Travel

    When it comes to springs, the terms “maximum safe travel”. “elastic limit” and “taking a set” can be a little confusing to understand because they are all related. These terms are all related to the importance of respecting the limits of deflection that each spring has.

    Springs can only be compressed, extended, or torqued to a certain point before it is too far. Since each spring design is different, it is very important that you know the limits of the specific spring you are using.

    The elastic limit of a spring (a.k.a maximum

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  10. What is Spring Stress?

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

    Stress can be damaging, it can break you, if not dealt with correctly it can even kill you. However, stress can also be quite useful. When managed adequately it may serve a greater purpose, such as increased productivity and improved functionality.

    What is Spring Stress?

    Spring stress is the pressure or tension placed on a spring. There are three main factors that play a role in spring stress. One is the spring index (how tight the coils are). Another is the working loads or force it undergoes. Lastly, the environment the spring is in can also create additional stress (such as high heat). These three factors make up spring stress and will directly affect its capacity and lifespan.

    Factors that Affect Spring Stress Also Apply

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