1. 3 Tools Everyone In The Spring Industry Should Be Using

    Whether you are knowledgeable in the subject of coil springs or just starting to do research for the spring you need, there are three tools you need to know about. These will make your search so much easier and will facilitate your interaction with the spring industry.

    spring finder tool

    Spring Finder: Find the Stock Spring You Need

    When you need to find a spring in stock this tool can be your best ally. Just input the dimension tolerances and click search. It will quickly generate a list of the springs that best match your search and you can sort this by price or part number. (Soon we will update it to allow it to sort by other attributes as

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  2. The New Spring Store

    Acxess Spring has launched the renewed and improved version of The Spring Store. Our team of programmers, designers, digital marketing, and spring engineering experts built the new site with our customers in mind. This means it’s even friendlier, easier, faster, and more effective.

    Check it Out Now! & Find the Stock Springs you need TODAY!

    The Spring Store logo

    New Features

    1. Quick access to our top 3 tools through the hexagon i
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  3. What is Spring Rate?

    So, what is Spring Rate?

    Spring rate, technically speaking, is the measurement of your spring’s force expressed in “x” units of load per one unit of distance traveled. This applies to constant springs:

    Although torsional springs torque instead of deflecting in a linear manner (like compression and extension springs) they still have a rate of inch-pounds per degree.

    Now, in order to make the subject easier to digest, let’s

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  4. 5 Common Misconceptions About Springs

    When I began working in the spring industry, I didn’t realize how complicated and vast springs were. It is not always easy to understand the many aspects of springs unless you really dive into the subject. That is why there are several misconceptions that we want to discuss and clarify.

    1.) Thinking that all compression springs can compress down to solid height.

    Springs have an elastic limit which depends on the proportion of their physical dimensions along with the material type. Every spring has an elastic limit and this is as far as it should go, for some springs the elastic limit could be solid height but definitely not f

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  5. So What is a Spring?

    Every time I tell my friends and relatives where I work, the question always pops up.


    It’s funny really. All of them know what a spring is but I suppose they can’t imagine what I would do working at a spring company. They ask, “springs for what?” (Either that or they think I’m talking about screws and bolts).

    So I tell them: “For EVERYTHING!”.

    Yes, springs are everywhere. You can find them in home appliances, medical applications, in your car, the trampoline in your backyard, doors, and the list goes on and on. They are a huge part of our lives and assist in the automation of everyday devices. Springs even allow us to beat gravity!

    what is a spring

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  7. Thank God for Springs

    In my discovery of the spring industry I found myself astounded! I wasn’t aware there was so much to the design and creation of a spring. Turns out they’re not as insignificant as most of us make them to be.

    Springs can be found in millions of devices or applications within several industries. Some of the industries we serve are shown below.

    industries we serve

    • Agricultural
    • Automotive
    • Aviation
    • Computer
    • Construction
    • Electronics
    • Manufactured Goods
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