Metric Springs


Metal springs for sale with dimensions specified in the metric system of measurement using millimeters and Newtons.

At Acxess Spring we’ve facilitated our tools to be used by anyone and everyone. You can design your springs, search for stock springs, and even send us a request for quote on a custom part using the metric system of measurement.

Our spring calculator, Spring Creator, will automatically convert the entered values when switching from inches to millimeters and vice versa. The values calculated will also be expressed in metric measurements such as millimeters for diameters, widths, and lengths; Newtons for loads and forces, and Newtons per millimeter when it comes to your metric spring’s rate. A blueprint and full spring analysis is also provided with Spring Creator. Your metric spring will also be displayed there and a metric part number will be generated using your metric spring’s dimensions.

Besides being able to design your custom metric springs, you can also generate an instant quote through Instant Spring Quote itself or while you’re generating a metric spring design on Spring Creator. That’s right, we have the one and only instant quoting system for users to be able to place an order on the spot instead of waiting on back and forth emails and phone calls. Our Instant Spring Quote works the same way Spring Creator does as far as inputs and the conversion of these when selecting a different unit of measurement. You can generate an Instant Spring Quote with both English and Metric part numbers.

metric spring creator inputs

You can also buy stock metric springs using our Search Stock Springs (SSS) tool. Like, Spring Creator, this tool will also allow you to convert the entered values from the English system of measurement to the Metric system and vice versa by just switching the option. The results you find after your search will be displayed in metric part numbers and the dimensions and specifications will also be in metric measurements. It isn’t until you checkout that the part number is replaced for the english version of it. You will know whether a part number is english or metric from the 2 letters at the end. If the letters are IN, it is in English inches; if they are MM, it is in Metric millimeters.

metric spring part numbers

stock metric springs