Behind the Scenes of the Custom Spring Order Process

We previously discussed the beginning stages of the order process. This included creating a blueprint, verifying your design and placing an order with us. However, there is much more to the order process than what most of our customers are aware of. Take a look at some of the steps that happen behind the scenes after we receive a custom spring order.

Note: Steps 1-4 are the front end order process that occurs as we communicate back and forth in order to fine point your order details. Read the steps to placing your order here:

How to Place a Custom Spring Order

Once a customer's order has been placed this is what occurs:
  • 5.) After we ensure that the order acknowledgment page has been signed, and we have confirmed your order, your order is added to the job scheduling list.
  • 6.) If there is material that needs to be ordered, we order it. We make sure to take into consideration the date it needs to go out. This way we can coordinate the material arrival date with the date it is scheduled to go on the machine.
  • 7.) When it is time to start manufacturing the springs, the machine is set up. This means that we install the tooling and wire required on the machine, and then we make adjustments to the CNC code to match your dimensions. For every adjustment made to the code, we run a couple and measure them until we “hit the mark”.
  • 8.) The order is then ran on the machine to fulfill the quantities required.

custom springs behind the scenes

  • 9.) Once the springs have been made they are heat treated. This is a necessary process for all springs because unheated wire is flexible, and the heat treatment allows them to harden and retain their memory. This will make the spring keep its shape and bounce back during cycles.
  • 10.) If the spring requires any secondaries such as hooks, bends, etc.
  • 11.) After the batch of springs has ran through the heat treatment and secondaries, they go through a process of quality control to make sure they meet the necessary working loads, dimensions, etc.
  • 12.) If the spring needs to be plated, they are sent to the platers.
  • 13.) When we receive the springs from the platers, they go through a third quality control to ensure they weren’t damaged from the plating process.
  • 14.) After all this, the order is prepared and packaged for shipping. We verify that all your springs are in the package and might send a few extras just to be sure. We print out the necessary paperwork (such as invoices and material certificates). If it is an international order, this is a longer step due to the additional paperwork.
  • 15.) When the order is shipped, we send you the tracking information.

custom springs shipping behind the scenes

All you need to do is wait for them to arrive!

The sooner you order, the better! As you can see, there is a lot that goes on when you order a spring. That is why it is so important that you take into account the range of time it can take for your spring to be made. Add to this the shipping time and you can get a good idea why.

At Acxess Spring we want to exceed our customer's expectations, and this means being clear and transparent. Contact us today to order the highest quality springs at the best prices. Dial (951) 276-2777 to place your order today.