Small Strong Springs

What makes a spring strong? It is really a matter of perspective. However, in standardized terms, a strong spring is a hefty spring with a thick wire diameter in proportion to the coil diameter. This can turn a small spring into a strong small spring.

When a spring’s index is tight or there are few coils to take in the load, your spring becomes stressed. A stressed spring can be considered a strong spring because it can take on a higher force. Depending on the different factors that make up your spring and the amount of stress it has, it may not be safe for the spring to travel down all the way to solid height. Most strong springs happen to have a low elastic limit. This impeding them from compressing a lot and if forced to do so, will cause your spring to take a permanent set.

Having a low elastic limit means you will require strong loads. Having a hefty wire diameter also means you are less likely to have much pitch in between the coils and therefore the spring won`t travel a lot. In other words, even if you were able to compress your spring down to solid height, the distance would not be all that much because you would have to consider the thicker solid height that you need to respect in regards to distance/space.

small hefty springs

If you need more travel, then you may want to focus on pitch and number of coils. Having little pitch in between the coils actually helps the spring to have more elasticity. That is why, the more coils, the less pitch, and the more likely it is that your spring will be able to travel more (compress/extend) more.

As manufacturers, we are able to make a wide variation of small spring designs. This includes small strong springs. As long as the spring index is over 4:1, we can usually make it. You can calculate your spring’s index to make sure your small spring is within our manufacturing tolerances. To do so, you must subtract 1 wire diameter from the outer diameter and divide the result by the wire diameter.

If your spring’s index is a bit under a 4:1 send us a request for quote with your spring’s dimensions. Depending on other factors, we might still be able to manufacture it. You can find our sales and support email address in the Contact Us page in our website.

Less ForceMore Force
– Wire Diameter + Wire Diameter
+ Outer Diameter – Outer Diameter
+ Coils – Coils
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