Spring Fabrication and Engineering

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Acxess Spring is a spring fabrication company where custom and stock springs are manufactured within the factory’s installations.

The Acxess Spring mfg. factory is located in Colton, CA. Our address and contact information is provided in our contact page as well as a contact form where you can request for quotes or send in inquiries. You may also call in and ask to speak to one of our experienced engineers and receive assistance on your design.

At our Acxess Spring factory building we fabricate custom springs of several types. We are able to make compression, extension, and torsion springs as well as their variations such as conical springs, barrel springs, garter springs, dual-pitch springs, and even wire forms. If it is made of round wire, there is a high chance we can make it.

springs being manufactured on cnc machine at spring factory

Besides the fabrication of custom springs, we also manufacture stock springs. The stock springs are more standard. Within our stock spring inventory you’ll find stock compression, extension, torsional, and conical springs. To find the right spring amongst the thousands of spring designs we provide, you can use our Spring Finder tool on TheSpringStore.com.

If you’re interested only in open wound springs, you can also visit CompressionSpring.com which is our compression spring specialized website. By compression springs, we mean all springs with open coil within their body so you’ll also has the opportunity to search for stock conical springs or request a custom quote for barrel and dual pitch springs amongst other open wound spring types.

custom spring fabrication

Stock springs are recommend for the testing phase of your product or when you’re looking to order one or more designs at small quantities. After you’ve done your testing and are ready to go into production with a design that worked for you and are looking to order over 150 or 200 pieces, custom springs are the most economical option. If this is a standard design, you may generate a custom spring instant quote using our spring calculator. The Instant Quote tool doesn’t give you a quote, it means your design is out of our parameters but you may still email an R.F.Q. (Request For Quote) to sales@acxesspring.com.

pre-fabrication stock springs being taken off the shelf