Extension Springs Manufacturer


A spring company which manufactures (makes) extension springs to match a customer’s tension spring design.
extension spring manufacturers

Acxess Spring is a spring company which specializes in the manufacturing of helical springs made of round metal wire. One of the spring manufacturing capabilities we carry is the manufacturing of extension springs. Extension springs are helically wound coils with initial tension gathered in between those coils to keep them together. They are used to be extended by a force and later return to their free unloaded state after being released from that force or load.

The greatest spring design tool on the net is provided to you by Acxess Spring; extension spring manufacturer. This tool is our free online spring calculator, Spring Creator. Spring creator can design three types of springs; extension springs, compression springs, and torsional springs. This tool not only helps you design the ideal extension spring for your device or mechanism but it also helps us, the spring makers, in the manufacturing of your extension springs since it can determine how much wire will be needed to manufacture them as well as the weight of each spring. Now you may also carry our extension spring design software anywhere you go with the Spring Creator App Download.

extension spring hook types

Our spring manufacturing company also offers a stock spring store, The Spring Store. The Spring Store offers already manufactured extension springs for sale online. Our catalog has over 4,000 stock extension springs on the shelf. These tension springs vary in size, material type, type of hooks, and some will be plated. The different material types include Beryllium Copper (BC), Hard Drawn (HD), Music Wire (MW), Oil Tempered (OT), Phosphor Bronze (PB), Stainless Steel 302 (SST), Stainless Steel 17-7 (17-7), and Chrome Silicon (CS). The hook types include machine hooks, cross over center hooks, side hooks, double loop hooks, and no hooks. Some of our stock extension springs made of music wire might have either a zinc, black oxide, or gold irridite plating.