Options for When We Can’t Manufacture Your Spring

Type of Springs That Are out of Our Manufacturing Range.

When it comes to custom springs there is a vast variety of springs that we can make.  From compression to torsion, and even conical or extension, each has numerous variants that make each custom spring special. However, there are certain variants of springs that may fall outside our manufacturing capacity. It is not very often this happens, but if it does, we want to make you aware of the options you have.

Requests That Are Out of Our Manufacturing Range & Alternatives We Offer

garter springs manufacturing

Tiny Garter Springs.

We manufacture different types of garter springs and have much experience making these. However, we focus on springs that have a wire size of about .008-1.25. If you are looking for a very small garter spring, we may not be able to make it. We can, however, refer you to a company that specializes in these types of springs, or help you find an alternative spring that works for your device.

no double torsion

Double Torsion Springs.

Double torsion springs are another type of springs that we may get requests for. We do not currently manufacture double torsion springs. These type of springs tend to be higher priced than most, due to the extensive manufacturing labor. If you are looking for a double torsion spring, we can provide alternative options. In fact we can help you redesign your torsion spring so you can convert it into single torsional spring designs.

no extended hooks

Extension Springs With Extended Hooks.

We can make all sort of custom extension springs. However, when customers request extension springs with extended hooks it usually falls out of our manufacturing capabilities. There are several options you have in this case. We can either refer you to an external company that can manufacture these for you, or help you redesign your spring so that you can have an extension spring that has either a machine or crossover hook design.

Extravagant Spring Material Types and Wire Sizes.

The most popular type of materials for springs are stainless steel 302 and music wire, these are the ones we most commonly work with. We work with some high-carbon spring wires, alloy steel wires, and different stainless steel wires. However, some of the non-ferrous alloy wire and all high-temperature alloy wire are more extravagant and we do not work with these. We work with chrome silicon on standard sizes over 0.115”. If you require a spring made from any type of material we do not carry or work with, then one of our expert engineers can help you redesign a spring that also meets your needs with another material type that we can work with. In case we cannot meet your material needs and/or requirements, we can also refer one of our commercial partners that may carry the material type you require.

Acxess Spring For All Your Spring Needs

In most cases we can manufacture the spring you require, and can even complete customizations such as plating. In either case, we are happy to help and assist you and your business in selecting the most reliable high quality springs. Whether you need a custom or stock spring, be sure to contact us at: (951) 276-2777.