Specifications Cross Reference of Spring Wire Materials

When ordering a spring, the material specifications play an important role. Different countries have different material specification numbers and in the following list you can cross reference your material specification number with that of another country. Keep in mind that specifications to which we order our material are in blue type and the rest are just for reference.

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Stainless T302 S30200 A‐313 302 5688 J230 10270‐3 QQ‐S‐763 G4314 17224 2056
Stainless T304 S30400 A‐313 304 5688 10270‐3 QQ‐S‐763 G4314 17224 2056
Stainless T316 S31600 A‐313 316 10270‐3 QQ‐S‐763 G4314 17224 2056
Stainless T17‐7 (631) S17700 A‐313 17‐7 PH 5678 J217 G4314
Music Wire K08500 A‐228 J178 10270‐1 G3522 2076 17223 5216
SWP‐A/SWP‐B Part 1 Grade B Type M
Music Wire Valve K08500 G3522‐SWP‐V
Hard Drawn MB Class I K06501 A‐227/764 J113 10270‐1 QQ‐W‐428 G3521 SWB 2076 17223 5216
Hard Drawn MB Class II K06501 A‐227/764 J113 10270‐1 Type II Part 1 Grades Types NS/HS
(Phos/Brite ASTM‐A‐227; Galv. ASTM‐A‐764) A (I)and B (II) Grd. 2 and 3
Hard Drawn MB Class III K08200 A‐679 J271 10270‐1 Grade C
Phosphor Bronze Grade A C51000 B‐159 QQ‐B‐750 H3751 PBP1 2873
Oil Tempered MB Class I K07001 A‐229 (1) 1065 J316 Cl. I 10270‐2 QQ‐W‐428B G3560 SWO‐A 2076 17223 2803
Type I, Cl.1
Oil Tempered MB Class II K07001 A‐229 (II) 1065 J316 Cl. II 10270‐2 Type I, Cl.II G3560 SWO‐B FD NS
O.T. Chrome Silicon Comm. K15590 A‐401 9254 6451 J157 10270‐2 2076 17223 2803
Part 2 FD SiCr 685A55
O.T. Chrome Silicon Valve G92540 A‐877 9254 10270‐2 G3561 2076 17223 2803
SWOSC‐V Part 2 VDSiCr 685A55
O.T. Chrome Vanadium Com K15048 A‐231 6150 10270‐2 2803
OT Chr. Vanadium Valve K15047 A‐232 6150 J132 10270‐2 G3561 2803
SWOCV-V 735A50
Inconel 600 N06600 B‐166 5687 3075/3076
Inconel X750 N07750 B‐637 5698/5699 HS


Specifications to which we order our material are in blue type. All Specifications in black are for reference only. (1) Denotes material purchased to the chemistry requirements of the specification only.

Disclaimer: The information in these lists have been complied for Reference only. We do not warrant the accuracy of the specifications listed. Specifications referenced herein do not include the latests revisions and are subject to change without notice. References to Nickel Alloy tradenames are for reference and remain trademarked by their owners/developers.

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