Spring Force Constant Calculator

Use our spring force constant calculator to find the force in a spring. To calculate spring force constant enter the inputs and click calculate. Outputs include compression spring force, force on a spring, spring force constant, and spring rates. This is also a spring rates calculator that calculates spring rates. The spring constant is also known as your spring rate or compression spring rate. How to measure spring rate: enter your inputs into our spring force calculator and review your answers. Outputs include spring ratings and spring constant. Spring ratings are a constant, example: If your spring rate is 10 lbsf/in then it will take you 10 lbsf to force to compress the spring one inch of distance. To determine a spring load or load of a spring: rate times distance traveled equal = spring load or load of a spring. Our spring force calculator generates spring blueprints, you can email your spring blueprints once your spring design is finished. You can also save your spring blueprints as a pdf.