Tension Spring Design PDF



A file in PDF format which provides technical information regarding a certain tension spring design. This may be a blueprint or a spring analysis.

Tension spring design becomes a much easier task when it comes to designing your tension springs at Acxess Spring. We provide you with our newly remodeled spring calculator, Spring Creator V3.0. Our calculator will calculate your springs physical dimensions and give you several results which are key to your design. From tension spring constant k (rate) to the initial tension your spring exerts when its coils are extended. Spring Creator also gives you the opportunity to email a live blueprint and spring analysis to either yourself or someone else involved in your project. This blueprint of your tension spring design will be emailed to you in a PDF format.

As you can see on our calculator and perhaps through our site, we also offer stock tension springs. Several tension spring designs are available with dimensions in the following ranges:

Wire Diameter:

'94 to 0.375

Outer Diameter:

'94 to 2.500

Length Inside Hooks:

'94 to 9.880

The link provided below will provide you with our spring catalog with tension spring designs in pdf format. All 4,342 tension spring designs will be at your fingertips to choose which tension springs will work in your recent or future projects.