Torsion Spring Design PDF


The PDF file (portable document format) of a torsional spring design which lists the torsion spring’s parameters that were calculated using torsional spring design formulas based on theory. They may also be generated using a torsion spring design program which automatically calculates these formulas.

Generate a torsion spring design PDF using Spring Creator! Our mobile-friendly, easy-to-use spring calculator will provide you with all of your torsion spring design’s parameters with only a few of your spring’s measurements. Whether you are only trying to calculate the parameters of a spring you’re currently using or if you are starting a spring design from the ground up, our torsion spring calculator v3.0 will allow you to create a live blueprint of your torsion spring design in a pdf format.


The torsion spring design formulas made many years ago are what make Spring Creator, our torsion spring design calculator, so effective and reliable. The creators of these torsional spring equations based their torsion spring design theory on the laws of physics. One great example are Newton’s laws of motion. He found the way to determine that:

  • 1) “Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it”
  • 2) The force is equal to the change in momentum per change in time. For a constant mass, force equals mass times acceleration”
  • 3) “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. It is thanks to the torsion spring design theory that the torsional spring design equations were created thus allowing us at Acxess Spring to create such a powerful torsion spring design program to generate your torsion spring design PDF’s.
Isaac Newton


Our torsion spring design PDF’s are live blueprints of your torsional spring design but they are also a full spring analysis. Added to the PDF blueprint is the spring analysis which provides you with all of the torsion spring design parameters. You are able to see the torsion spring rate per degree, the rate per 360 degrees, the maximum safe deflection, and that maximum safe torque. You will also be provided with your working torques if you input them into the calculator before generating the torsion spring design PDF blueprint. The working torques section not only tells you if your spring will be able to achieve your desired torques, it also notifies you of how much the inner diameter will shrink after deflection. All of these values are calculated using the physical dimensions you entered into the spring calculator in the beginning.

Stock Spring Catalog PDF

Included in the torsion spring design analysis PDF, are several other torsion spring parameters like the physical dimensions. You will see each and every detail from leg lengths and total coils to weight per spring and weight per 1,000 springs. Then you will have the opportunity to email this torsion spring design pdf to either yourself or a comrade or request a quote.

At Acxess Spring, we also sell stock torsional springs. We offer a torsion spring catalog in PDF format where you are provided with almost 1,000 torsional spring designs to buy off the shelf. The PDF file gives you the torsion spring part number, physical dimensions, spring rate, travel and torque limits, and the torsional spring’s retail price.

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