Located in Southern California, Acxess Spring has been providing incredibly high quality springs at the most competitive prices for over 20 years.

DOWNEY Early 1990's

The Beggining of Acxess Spring

We began in a one car garage in Downey, CA over 20 years ago. We wanted to create springs that were not just coiled metal, but a little piece of something big so we worked one on one with our clients. We helped them develop the ideal spring for their application and soon began collaborating with people from all sorts of industries and fields to help them enhance and create applications and devices that worked with the right spring in place.


Most products we manufactured springs for took off. They became quite a success and production and demand started to increase. This is when we realized we definitely needed more space and bigger machines. So we moved a few miles south into a bigger space where we could set up the additional machines and began our spring factory. That was when we started developing innovative technology that would allow customers to generate full spring analyses as well as create their own blueprints. All of this was done instantly, and at no cost.


We began meeting higher quantity demands and, along with that, we also realized the need for stock springs. Many of our customers needed sample parts or just one or two spring replacements, but they couldn’t always wait 3-5 week lead times to get ahold of a sample lot or test batch. We realized that, to better meet our customers’ needs, we would have to open up a stock division that could handle both the production of stock and storage of such parts. We also set up a system in place to meet the search demands that would appear once we began building stock.


After launching our stock spring division, we decided to look for a space that could not only allocate our small factory but also our inventory and offices. We began the search for the ideal space and soon we found it. In 2015 we moved into our current space and expanded our services and production to meet smaller quantity demands of stock springs as well as custom orders at very high quantity lots.

Acxess Spring

Today we serve everyone near and far. From all areas of the U.S. to Canada and other countries. We have established an international shipping department and also welcome walk-ins. So whether you are local or international we are always there for you. No matter where you are, our team members are happy to assist you in helping you obtain the right springs at the best price!