Custom Spring Lead Time Tips

When buying custom springs it is important to keep in mind that all custom springs are created after the order is placed, and therefore, need to be placed with plenty of time ahead. In many cases custom springs take about 5-6 weeks to be sent out, but at Acxess Spring, we try to be more agile in our lead times. Our common lead times are 4 to 5 weeks and in some cases we can offer expedite lead times of 1 to 2.5 weeks at an additional charge. There are also other important steps you can take to ensure your custom springs are not delayed. Please read on and consider some of our tips.

Material type matters

When ordering custom springs, the type of material you select matters. If your spring is made of stainless steel or music wire it is much more likely to have a normal lead time. If you request any other type of material, it can prolong the lead time depending on how extravagant the material type and wire size is.

Consider the spring index

Another important factor to consider is the spring index and wire thickness. If your spring has an index below 5, or over 20 it may be harder to manufacture and may take a bit longer than usual.

Shipping information

When placing your order, make sure that you also provide the exact address you need your springs shipped to. Should you have a Fedex or UPS account you would like to use, don’t forget to provide that for us as well.

spring index custom chart

Approve the tolerances

Once your order is placed, it is very important that you send us the tolerance approval sheet signed. If this is not received, we cannot start working on your order until we receive it signed and approved. Sending this in as soon as you place your order will allow us to process it in a timely manner. After you place your order and send in the signed tolerances make sure your entire order has been confirmed.

Expedite options

Ensuring you complete all these steps will allow you to receive your springs in a more timely and orderly manner. Should you require an expedite order please talk to our representatives about your spring and specific case to receive an expedite quote, and pricing on this additional service.

approve the tolerances

Remember that custom springs are created to meet your specific requirements, and therefore, take a few weeks to be manufactured and shipped out. The sooner you place your order the faster we can start making your springs so you can receive them. Place your order instantly through our ISQ (Instant Spring Quote) or contact us directly at: (951) 276-2777.