1. Fourth of July 2019 Message from Acxess Spring

    The fight for freedom has never been easy, it is not something to take lightly and it is a long ongoing battle with others and ourselves. 243 years ago it seemed almost near impossible to break free from British rule and create our own path, our country our freedom. Today we celebrate that incredible accomplishment that came at a cost. No, freedom is not free, and no it is not easy to obtain, but it was, and continues to be, well worth it.

    Many died fighting endlessly to allow us to celebrate this day and it is our responsibility to ensure that we do not lose sight of this and that we commemorate and celebrate not only this date but what it represents. Freedom is responsibility, it is an honor, it is making the choice to respect all those around us and continue to keep it alive.

    At Acxess Spring we know that Freedom comes at a cost and we believe in continuously working for it. We work with

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  2. Thank You Dad!

    We know dads do a lot. Every day they care and attend to numerous responsibilities and many times they make sacrifices for their kids. We understand it isn’t easy to always stay on top of everything, but that is why this week, we want to remind all of you dads out there that you are not alone and you are doing a good job. Since moms always get all the spotlight, in honor of Father’s Day we decided to share our top 3 tips to help you get through the challenge of working and being a dad

    business dad

    1. Leave work behind when you are home.

    We know this one is a hard one but its a deal breaker. Work can get overwhelming and exhausting but when you get hom

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  3. Memorial Day Commemoration

    It is easy to say: Happy Memorial Day, without giving much thought to what that date actually stands for. Yet, there is so much more to this day than sales, picnics and the day off. Sure, there is nothing wrong with getting to celebrate all that with your loved ones, but it is also important to remember the reason behind each holiday. Once we truly stop and ponder what that day actually means, we realize it isn’t such a happy day, but it is a very important one. It is a date to think, to reflect, and to honor those who have served. It is a day for families that have lost their loved ones to the war, and for their nation, to feel proud and commemorate. It is a day to realize how lucky we are that many are willing to give up their lives for ours.

    Memorial Day is a day to honor and remember all those who have served the U.S

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  4. Just Like Springs, Moms Make a Difference.

    We know that life gets hard and busy, especially when workdays become long weeks, months, and before we know it, years. However, there are people in our lives that deserve our time, care and admiration, moms are one of them. Moms tend to be the first ones to get up and the last to go to bed, they dedicate time and love to the family. They deserve our love and care every day, not just once a year. Mother’s day is just a reminder of the great difference that moms make in our world. At Acxess Spring, we want to celebrate Mother’s day by honoring all the moms out there that go out of their way to make sure our lives are a little bit better every day, with this short excerpt.

    Moms make all the difference! They are strong and resilient, just like springs.

    Their strength and resilience is incomparable, and the

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  5. The Importance of Initial Tension in Extension Springs

    Initial tension is an important term related to extension springs. It refers to the tension that is store between an extension spring coils, which is what keep them together. The initial tension is released once the spring is extended to the point where you can barely see some light pass through the coils. This value directly affects the load required to pull an extension spring, that is why it is so important to keep it in mind when designing or buying a tension spring.

    Rate is the constant force that a spring exerts per one unit (1 inch or 1 millimeter) of distance traveled. Therefore, it is expressed in pounds per inch or newtons per millimeter. Because the spring already has initial tensi

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  6. The Art of Spring Making

    The Art of Spring Making: What many don't understand about the complexity of springs

    Making springs is truly an art. There is so much that goes into each spring that it can be hard to perceive it all by just looking at one. That is why many people still think that a spring is just coiled wire, but springs are so much more than that. Making a spring requires precision, calculation, design trials, in depth planning, material purchasing, set ups, specific testing, heat treating, post manufacturing verification, constant quality control, much dedication, skill, and experienced work. Still, it is not uncommon for people to complain about a custom spring needing a 4 week lead time or a batch of 25 springs costing over $300 USD. We hope the following information will provide new insight regarding the value and dedicated work it requires to manufacture

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  7. Spring Into Spring

    Ready to spring into spring? At Acxess Spring we want to help you make the most of spring cleaning by helping you get the right spring. Maybe you need a custom spring for that device you have been thinking about fixing up, or that convertible top you have been meaning to fix Maybe you have a few products that you finished testing but realized you needed a custom spring for them.

    This is the perfect time for you to analyze how far or how much you have gotten done in the year, and ensure that you are on the right track. If you have postponed advances in your product or still need engineering or design assistance be sure to retake that before we are further into the year.

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  8. Love: A Force that Empowers

    Valentine’s day is here and we all want to feel special, right? At Acxess Spring, we know this day can be especially significant, but the power of love and kindness is so great that it shouldn't be caged into a single day. That is why we decided to send out a special gift with all our ISQ (Instant Spring Quote) orders this month, and not just on Valentine's Day.

    We believe Valentines Day is just a reminder of how much we should value love and friendship year round. Love and kindness is not exclusive of this day, but we can use this as an impulse to start this year with a more loving and giving mindset. We would like to encourage all our customers, suppliers and our team members to take initiative and do something nice for someone else.

    Here are a few random acts of kindness ideas that we encourage you to try. Pleas

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  9. Achieve More With Acxess Spring

    Acxess Spring is dedicated to helping businesses, engineers and inventors find the perfect spring for their product. Over the years we have worked one on one with numerous professionals to assist them in their search for the perfect spring. This allowed us to detect the common factors and areas of improvement in past technology and commonly used design programs for the spring industry. Thanks to this, we were able to discover and develop several useful and highly accurate tools to assist you and extremely simplify the spring design process.

    achieve with acxess spring

    Our custom spring design tool is called

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  10. Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Acxess Spring

    Most Americans know who Martin Luther King Jr. was and that somewhere in January we celebrate his birthdate as a Federal holiday. We know he had a dream, and that dream helped many to find the courage to stand up for freedom and equality. What many do not know is exactly what he stood for, and how long it really took to make this holiday a truly commemorated day by all states.

    Martin Luther King Jr. led a non-violent activism movement to protest against racial discrimination laws. In 1984, his birthday was signed into law as a holiday but it was not observed until 3 years later. Even then, many states resisted its observance. It was not until 2000 that all 50 states started to observe it for the first time.

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