Specialty and Stock Springs

Find stock and specialty compression, extension, torsion, and conical springs at Acxess Spring.

We have over 30 years of experience working on complex designs for several different industries. Whatever spring design you need to accomplish, whether it is a dual pitch compression spring or perhaps a spring with variable diameters like a barrel or barbell spring, we can do it.

Our wire diameter capacity ranges from 0.005” up to 1.250”. If you happen to need a spring with larger material, please contact us to see what when can arrange as far as material options, spring design, and spring manufacturing. We have qualified spring engineers who can clear any of your doubts and help you design the perfect spring to meet your project’s requirements.

Stock Springs

We have four different stock spring catalogs which sum up our stock variety to over 24,000 springs designs in stock. Our catalog are the following:

Each catalog will display thousands of different spring designs on tables. They way they are displayed is with a part number and the spring measurements. Additional to the spring measurements, you are also provided with other spring specifications such as the spring rate, maximum safe load, and maximum safe deflection. There are several spring material types as well. The most common are Music Wire ASTM A228 and Stainless Steel 302 ASTM A313 although you may find stock springs made from more extravagant material types such as Phosphor Bronze Grade A ASTM B159.

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Specialty Springs

Specialty springs can usually be more complex spring designs but they don’t always have to be. Specialty springs just happen to be the most economical option for high volume, production quantities. These springs can be compression springs with dual pitch, extension springs with different hook types on each end, or torsion springs with bends on the legs or pitch in between the coils. The opportunities are endless as long as certain manufacturing limits are respected. These manufacturing limits would include spring index which is the proportion between the wire diameter and coil diameter thus determining the tightness of the coils. The spring index is calculated by dividing the mean diameter by the wire diameter. In order to respect the manufacturing limits, your spring index must not be less than 4:1.

Use our Instant Spring Quote Tool to get a custom spring quote in a matter of seconds. No more going back and forth on emails or waiting for your email to come up in the sales department to finally be attended. This quick and user-friendly auto-service tool makes the process of getting custom springs much faster than any other spring company on the web. Sure, you’ll find a couple of stock spring online stores but not a store with custom parts in the shopping cart.

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