2021 Is finally here and it will be a great year. After what we went through and learned in 2020 we are definitely ready for a new year to start. We all know how impactful 2020 was and it definitely brought along many harsh but important life lessons that we may have needed to be reminded of. Today, we want to learn some of the biggest lessons we learned as a team at Acxess Spring and how we will take these lessons into the new year as we apply the wisdom gained and the knowledge learned.

strength acxess spring

Strength -

When the world was wrapped in chaos we knew we needed to stand stronger, and in order to do that we needed to stand together. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to recognize the need for something and work to make it happen instead of waiting for something or someone else to do something about it. So we came together as a team and brainstormed, worked hard, and supported each other in order to face every challenge that the pandemic launched our way. This is when we realized that true strength stands in the small sacrifices of many, not just the bravery of few, but the countless acts of courage that would go unnoticed until they are lined up one after another.

generosity acxess spring

Generosity -

As we came together as a team we realized that in order to survive we needed to stand against the crowd. When the world is full of panic, greed starts to seep and the only way to combat it, is through generosity, through giving even when it isn’t easy. We decided to take a stand for what we believed and despite what the market said we not only kept our prices low, but lowered them, we launched more generous and constant promotions than any other year, we gave even higher discounts than ever before, and continued to constantly lower our prices on thousands of part numbers in our stock spring stores: CompressionSpring.com, StockSpringsCatalog.com, TheSpringStore.com.

kindness acxess spring

Kindness -

One of the things we needed to understand and comprehend was that people were upset, they were angry, they were frustrated, at life, at the circumstances, at the countless obstacles that this pandemic threw their way. We made it a point to keep this in mind when we talked to each and every one of our customers, we made sure to listen, to encourage, and to serve. We made a vow that kindness would be our cure to kill the virus out there that really invaded our lives: fear.

humility acxess spring

Humility -

We realized that we were blessed, we were very blessed this year, our team remained safe, our business grew, we were able to launch our new site: StockSpringsCatalog.com and enjoy many blessings but even so, we were not untouched. We knew at any moment we could be affected or infected and we took extra measures and precautions to care for, and keep our team, our customers and our providers safe. We knew that no matter how easy it could be to ignore the issues, it was best to stay positive but alert and plan humbly. Helping others in anything possible and being there for each other.

At Acxess Spring We Want to Start the Year Right Together

We all grew one way or another, and became a little fierceless, a little bolder, a little wiser and a lot more grateful. There is no way we can come out of 2020 without recognizing that we are starting this 2021 with a whole new mindset. We are starting a little humbler, a lot more stronger, and most of all hopeful and ready, ready for whatever is to come, because by now we have learned that life is truly what you make of it. No matter how many twists and turns are thrown our way, if we stand together we can stand proud. So welcome to 2021 we are blessed to start the year together with you! We are always here for you, contact us at: (951) 276-2777