Custom Spring Manufacturers

Acxess Spring is always working towards enhancing our customer’s experience. We have brought you Spring Creator, Spring Finder, Instant Spring Quote, and several other helpful tools in our websites. Now, we have something even BIGGER and BETTER coming!

As experienced custom spring manufacturers, we know all about the hassle of calculating the formulas for a new spring design. There are physical dimensions and working loads to keep in mind. The spring needs to be both strong enough and elastic enough to meet your needs. On top of that you need to consider that there are limitations as to what is actually manufacturable.

Spring Creator

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In order to combat the overwhelm of calculations and considerations that are part of spring design we offer a free online tool that makes spring design easier and more feasible. Spring Creator is our free spring calculator which calculates all the important values of spring design for you. All you need to do is input some basic measurements and it will automatically provide you with all the information you need to verify whether your spring fits your requirements and if it is manufacturable.

Instant Spring Quote

Instant Spring Quote

You can also automatically generate as many quotes as you need without having to wait on a representative. Our Instant Spring Quote makes this possible. There is even an option for you to add a quantity lot to the cart and buy your springs on the spot. This feature is also integrated into Spring Creator so that you may buy your spring as soon as you’re done designing it.

Spring Finder

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Finally, for those cases where a custom spring is not necessary and you want to find a stock spring, we have an easy to use tool that can simplify finding a spring that is ready to ship. Spring finder is our stock spring search tool and you can use it directly from our icon menu at the top of our page or directly in as well as in our other websites ( and Spring Finder searches through our huge database to find the best spring that meet your requirements.

Now, coming soon, is another exciting feature that will simplify your spring quest even more! Are you ready for pre-designed custom compression springs? Over 1,000,000 spring designs at your fingertips to be manufactured and shipped out within 5 business days!

This project is to be launched in early 2018. It is the best thing to come into our industry since stock springs. No more waiting on a quote or on long lead times. Your springs are already pre-designed, pre-quoted, and ready to be made. All you have to do is find the right one for your application and place the order. Most custom spring manufacturers will take from 4 to 5 weeks to make your springs. We will manufacture them in 4 to 5 days!

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