Innovate, Create and Enhance Your Device With a Spring

At Acxess Spring, we are big on innovation. We often work with engineers, inventors, and anyone trying to create or improve a product. We help them find a stock spring or create a custom one that matches their needs. After years of assisting many of our customers, one-on-one, we realized that we needed to empower them to better comprehend springs and buy the right ones. Therefore, we created tools and resources to meet their needs.

Technical Information made easy. We started writing articles that would provide users with valuable information to help them understand different aspects of spring design and spring applications. You can take a look at these articles here: Tech Info.

Custom Springs

We understand the importance of buying the right spring. Custom springs allow our customers to get more precision in regards to physical dimensions and working loads. However, in order to have the right custom spring made you need a clear and concise design.

    Spring Creator

    Most inventors and innovators need accurate designs that allow them to design the ideal spring for their application. Our spring creator tool allows you to input the dimensions you want in a spring and it generates a full analysis of your springs along with pricing, a blueprint and a list of similar springs in stock. It makes it really easy for you to order the right custom spring design and adjust attributes to match specific force needs, environmental factors, etc.

create custom springs

Stock Springs

We also wanted to make finding and buying stock spring easy. There are many stages to innovation and product creation. Prototyping is an important stage, and this means testing out different springs. Buying stock springs makes this process fast, simple and economical.

    Spring Finder

    This tool allows you to search our large catalog of stock springs. You just have to fill out the dimension tolerances and it will provide a list of stock springs that match your search. You can instantly view and compare some of the most important attributes so you can select the ones that best adjust to your needs.

stock spring prototypes

We are always looking for ways to assist inventors, creators, and innovators with their spring needs. If you need help purchasing the right spring don't hesitate to contact us or call: (951) 276-2777.