How to Place a Custom Spring Order

Custom Spring Order Process

At Acxess Spring, we pride ourselves in making things easy and clear for our customers. That is why we want to go over the order processes for custom springs. Today we will discuss only the first stage of the process and later discuss what happens after your order is placed.

1. Use Spring Creator

When looking for a custom spring, the first thing you need to do is create a design of the spring you want. This allows you to verify your spring’s specifications, as well as force and travel capabilities. Therefore, you can make sure your spring will work before placing the custom order.

All you need to do is go into Spring Creator and input the dimensions, material type, and end type you require. Once you fill out these parameters and click “Calculate”, it will automatically generate a full analysis of your spring. Take a look at the analysis it provides and check to make sure it meets all your requirements. Verify the rate, physical dimensions, and loads it can handle.

2. Generate your blueprint and email it to yourself and colleagues.

Once you are happy with the design, scroll down to step six on Spring Creator and generate a live spring blueprint. You can email this blueprint to yourself, colleagues, or request a quote for up to 3 different quantities.

custom spring creator

3. Quantity and Pricing

Pricing is dependent on the quantity of springs you want. Custom springs need to be ordered in lots of at least 25 pieces. You will notice that, when using Spring Creator, an instant quote is usually generated. You can use this quote to buy your springs directly online or send us a purchase order.

4. Placing an Order

Once you are ready to order, you can place the order directly online using our Instant Spring Quote (ISQ). All you will need is your instant quote number. If you want to do this via email or if your quote didn’t come from the ISQ, we need you to provide us with information and documentation via phone or email. Some information is not mandatory. Mandatory information will be written in orange.

  • Purchase order or part number and quantity
  • Signed copy of order acknowledgement (pg.4 of blueprint PDF)
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address (if it is different from the shipping address)
  • Shipping account (if you have one)
  • Shipping method (ground, 2-day, next-day, etc.)
  • Tax exempt forms (if you are in the state of California and are tax exempt)
  • Credit card or wire transfer confirmation (credit card may be given over the phone)

custom spring order process

5. Order Confirmation

Once you have placed your order online or sent us an email with the required information, you should receive an email confirming your order. If you have not received this within 24 hours you can call us at (951) 276-2777 and provide payment information or whatever else necessary for us to confirm the order.

After an order is confirmed, there is still a lot of work to be done. Our different departments work in coordination to ensure your order of springs is properly fulfilled. Get help from our sales and engineering teams to place your custom spring order by calling (951) 276-2777 or emailing