Specialty Springs Made to Order

Coming Soon...

Is there a spring design you would like to have made but are not sure where to begin? At Acxess Spring, we will soon be able to offer over 1,000,000 pre-designed and pre-quoted compression springs ready to purchase.

This useful tool will help you in several scenarios. Let`s say you have to meet a deadline and need your springs fast! It normally takes three to five weeks to get a custom spring after you have designed it and signed the tolerances on the quoting. We have worked hard day and night to make it possible to get a fast spring design that works and to simplify the shopping experience.

What makes our pre-designed springs so great is how easy it will be to find what you need. Not only that, but these springs are also more economical in larger production quantities. These may not be stock springs but we will have a 5 day lead time. The most competitive in the industry! Check it out for yourself since other companies give you 4 to 5 weeks of lead time. In addition to this we will have a stock spring search engine on our website.

You can enter several of your compression spring’s physical dimensions into the finder and it will automatically scan our database to give you matching results. In the same way that you would search and find stock springs, you can find these pre-designed compression springs. The advantage of pre-designed compression springs is that you will find your exact spring instead of going for something similar based on what is available.

specialty springs made to order and being pulled out of a computer screen

In order to know which specialty spring is the best spring, you must focus on the working loads. Sure, the dimensions are very important but you will find numerous results that match your outer diameter and free length. It is the remaining dimensions which you have to be vigilant of. These remaining specs will ensure that your spring functions adequately and are required under your working loads.

While you wait on our database to be launched this upcoming year, be sure to check out our Custom Spring Instant Quote where you can get pricing for custom compression springs in a matter of seconds. The quote is presented for different quantity lots ranging from 25 pieces to 25,000 pieces. If you weren’t able to generate a quote, you may contact our sales team or our engineers to help you re-design.

several variations of custom springs made to order