Custom Coil Springs

Get your custom coil springs at Acxess Spring. Stop waiting on a quote and long manufacturing lead times. Time is money and we’ve done everything in our power to make sure that, not only do we save you money, but we also save you your valuable time. Design the ideal coil spring and generate an instant spring quote with our tools Spring Creator and Custom Spring Instant Quote.

At Acxess Spring, we’ve made it our mission to make your spring design and shopping experience the easiest and most dynamic. We’ve stocked up on information and tools for you to be able to understand and grasp the concept behind coil spring design. This information is provided for the 3 main coil spring types which are coil compression, extension, and torsional springs.

Since there are thousands of possibilities when it comes to dimensions, material types, and end types, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with calculations and terminology. This is why we’ve provided you with guides and diagrams to make everything more user-friendly. Our spring calculator only requests that you enter the coil spring’s physical dimensions. If you’re not familiar with what each dimension is, a diagram on how to measure your coil springs is provided. Regarding the end types, icons are provided for each coil spring end type selection so you’re able to recognize which is which.

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The informational articles previously mentioned can be found in our Tech Info landing page where you will find several technical articles that’ll explain certain subjects more in depth. You can find out about rate, slenderness ratio, initial tension, and the formulas to use a coil torsion spring for a ramp or lift gate.

Once you’ve determined the physical dimensions and click calculate you will receive a full spring analysis. This is where the technical articles in Tech Info will come in handy. Along with your analysis will be your custom coil spring quote since our Custom Spring Instant Quote tool is linked to Spring Creator. Also linked to spring creator, is our stock coil spring search engine tool, Spring Finder. This allows Spring Creator to provide you with similar stock spring suggestions as well. This way, you have the option to buy stock spring prototypes before you purchase a larger custom coil spring order.

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