Acxess Spring has been in business for over 20 years. We started out as a small custom spring manufacturing company and now have several departments and a full stock spring division. Over the years we have not only grown in size and number, but our services have also expanded. Along with this, we have opened up several different websites to meet the different needs and demands of our clients. As of today, our different websites remain active and cover different specialized needs.

Our three most predominant online sites are:, and We will also soon launch a fourth, new and revised tool as a website on its own: (coming soon)

    Acxess Spring

    The Acxess Spring online website is focused on our custom spring department. We provide both tools and technical information to help you learn more about spring design, spring engineering, custom springs in general, custom spring applications and helpful information on purchasing all types of custom springs including extension, torsion and compression springs. Our tools, such asSpring Creator Calculator, makes spring design and analysis super easy. Just input some basic dimensions and automatically get a full spring analysis, blueprint and even suggestions of similar springs in stock. ISQ (Instant Spring Quote) is an instant quote tool that allows you to immediately quote a custom spring and get pricing on different quantity lots, and even buy immediately online. This tool will soon be improved and we look forward to giving you more information on some of the great new features it will have.

acxess spring website

    The Spring Store

    Due to the need and demand for stock springs, we opened up our stock springs division several years ago. We have over 25,000 different spring designs in stock and our online website,, makes it easy to find, buy and also learn about stock springs. With tools such as Spring Finder, we made it a breeze to search for the ideal stock spring. Just input a few parameters for the type of spring you are looking for and browse through the list of options that match your search. Select the ones that work best for you and easily check out so you can receive them at your doorstep within a few days. Be sure to look for our coupon codes and different monthly promotions for stock springs at:

the spring store website

    Compression Spring is our online site that started out as a specialized website for customers to learn about, find and buy all types of compression springs, including conical springs. However, today we also display and sell all other types of stock springs on this site, including stock torsion springs and stock extension springs. We also have our Spring Creator Tool available on the site to help you find, select and buy high quality custom springs at the best price.

compression spring website

Instant Spring Quote WEBSITE COMING SOON!

We refer to this tool as ISQ. As previously mentioned, we are creating and generating some amazing changes to our Instant Spring Quote tool. It will turn into a website of its own so you can also find more helpful engineering and pricing information on custom springs. It will keep all the best features and with enhanced technology and graphics. It will provide an even better, more customer friendly experience so you can immediately buy a custom spring online, hassle free!

instant spring quote site

At Acxess Spring, we are always looking for ways to innovate and help our customers have the best experience. If you have any questions or doubts, or would like to suggest any improvements we can make, please feel free to contact us at: (951) 276-2777 or email your suggestions to