At Acxess Spring we create high quality custom springs that meet your needs. Our advanced online tools allow you to design and quote the spring you need. We offer our customers the highest quality springs at the best prices and have a number of certifications that we can provide for our customers to meet their demands. One of the things we provide is Certificates of Conformance and Material certifications including Rohs and DFARS. Learn more details about each certification below.

certificate of conformance

Certificate of Conformance

A certificate of conformance, also known as a C of C, is provided to those customers who require it when purchasing a custom spring. The C of C includes information on what the spring itself looks like and what the spring can do. The certificate of conformance includes the manufacturing and order information as well as the name of the customer and the information of their order, including the quantity, part number, and order number. It also specifies the dimensions and specifications of the spring including the loads tested from the inspection in the Final Article. Should the customer request it, the certificate may also include some brief information on the material that was used to make the spring.

Material Certifications

Some customers request material certifications, also known as material certs. These are only available for custom springs and are provided per request. The material certifications are handed by the material suppliers. These specify the chemical composition, what minerals and metals were blended to form it, its size, and essentially tell you all the detailed information of where and how the wire was formed. Most material certificates include tensile strength, hardness, ASTM spec number and some may also add the sheer module.


ROHS stands for Restriction of  Hazardous Substances. Materials or products that are ROHS compliant are regulated against having hazardous substances and the material used to make these must also be compliant. REACH stands for  Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of CHemicals. This certification regulates and ensures that the products are not made with materials harmful to one’s health and safety (such as carcinogens, mutagens, toxins etc.), and that these are avoided on all parts and components of the products used to make the final product.


DFARS is short for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. This is certification is required by companies with government or defense-related contracts. If this is your case it is important that you request this and inquire about the certificate prior to placing you order. DFAR certificates verify that the material is not mined and that it does not contain any dangerous or contaminated materials, but also that it comes from USA or NATO sources.

custom spring quality certifications

All in all, our metals and springs are made from only the highest quality materials and safety procedures. We have numerous certifications that ensure that the material we use does not contain dangerous and contaminated materials, that no slave or child labor was used in the production of such, and that the materials were produced in certified mills.

If you should have any further questions, inquiries or request please be sure to contact us directly at (951) 276-2777