Small springs are everywhere, you may not see them but they are a part of all sorts of devices and applications around you.  Springs are considered small when their wire diameter ranges from 0.005 to 0.020, and their length tends to be under two inches. These can be found in calculators, remote controls, toys, lead pencils and retractable pens, lotion dispensers, and all sorts of products. There different kinds of small springs; from torsion to extension, and compression. The following are some of the most common products that use small springs.

compression spring application examples

Compression Springs. Compression springs are the most common type of small spring. These conduct a push-back motion when compressed, and are ideal for buttons and other devices where certain force resistance is required. Some of the most common compression springs can be found in click pens, small lotion dispensers, and push buttons.

Conical springs. Conical springs are a type of compression spring that is less common but quite useful. Thanks to its cone shape, it is ideal for applications with small spaces and it coils can telescope during deflection to save even more space. Conical springs can be used in electronic devices and are prominently found in battery operated items as conductors in the battery compartment.

conical spring application examples

extension spring application examples

Extension Springs. Toys and medical hand held devices may have small components that are dependent on extension springs such as those with pull and return functions or retractable actions. Some washers, medical devices, and handheld farm tools also use small extension springs.

Torsion Springs.Small torsion springs are not as common as compression springs but are definitely necessary for different types of devices and products. Small torsion springs are used in different applications and devices where a radial force or open-shut function is required. Hair clips are a very common item that use torsion springs, as well as clothes pins.

torsion spring application examples

Since small springs are vital components of all sorts of devices in many industries including medical items, they need to be manufactured with care and precision, and selected with accuracy. At Acxess Spring, we always ensure that every small spring exceeds your expectations and meets the highest quality standards. If you need help designing a small spring for your application, please contact our experienced engineers at: (951) 276-2777