Torsional Springs


Springs which eject a rotational or torsional force when a load is placed on one or both legs causing them to travel to a desired distance in degrees of deflection.

Here, at Acxess Spring, we manufacture quality torsional springs as well as compression springs, extension springs, garter springs, magazine springs,medical springs, large springs, small springs, heavy duty springs, micro springs, conical springs, and any other type of helical spring you can think of. Our torsional spring wire may be between the sizes of 0.007” wire to 1.000” wire. We also offer stock torsional springs at our online shopping website, The Spring Store.



In case that you don’t have a torsional spring design, our spring engineers are at your service to discuss your device or mechanism and what torsional spring would fit best. You may also use our free online torsional spring calculator, Spring Creator, which will help you create and optimize your spring design by providing you with a full spring analysis along with a live blueprint of your torsional spring design. Easy-to-read diagrams are also available on our calculator to help the designing of your spring making this a much simpler task. The diagrams will help you measure your spring and show you what adjustments you should do to your design in case you need your spring to be stronger or weaker. The following information provided in this article will show you the most important factors when it comes to your torsion spring’s design.

Torsional Springs Free Position and Pre-Load:

Your torsional spring’s free position is the angle its legs make when no force is applied to it. When installing your torsional spring into your mechanism, though, your spring must be pre-loaded so that it stays in place and is not unstable. For this reason, you want to make sure that your spring’s free position is a few degrees greater so that its legs are more open. Therefore not only giving you the angle you need but it’ll give your torsional spring the stability it needs to function.


Torsional Spring Rate and Torque:

When it comes to the amount of torque you need your spring to accomplish, torsional spring rate is the biggest factor. Your torsional’s spring rate is the constant amount of force it takes your torsional spring’s leg or legs to travel one degree of distance. Torque is the action of your spring’s legs traveling a distance per degrees when they undergo a certain amount of load.