Wire Straightening and Cutting

Wire Cutting

Acxess Spring is very excited to introduce to our customers the additional service of wire straightening and wire cutting. If you have a coil of spring wire material and you need it straightened and cut to a particular wire length Acxess Spring can perform this task quickly and with precision. We also offer chamfered ends on both your cut wires and your spring's wire ends.

Four different sizes of spring wires straight and cut to different lenghts

These straight cuts of wire can be used for multiple applications in the aerospace industry, medical industry, lawn and garden, as well as many others. If you do not have the wire type that you need to get the straight pieces produced, Acxess Spring can obtain the wire for you, do the wire straightening, perform any necessary wire cutting and ship it right to your door. Acxess Spring is constantly reinventing itself to fulfill every need of growing customer base.