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  1. Small Custom Spring Applications

    Small springs are everywhere, you may not see them but they are a part of all sorts of devices and applications around you.  Springs are considered small when their wire diameter ranges from 0.005 to 0.020, and their length tends to be under two inches. These can be found in calculators, remote controls, toys, lead pencils and retractable pens, lotion dispensers, and all sorts of products. There different kinds of small springs; from torsion to extension, and compression. The following are some of the most common products that use small springs.

    compression spring application examples

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  2. Quality Control Process for Custom Springs

    Creating custom springs is an art that requires mastery. At Acxess Spring we have mastered that art and that is why we emphasize so much on quality control and excellence. We strive to make the most accurate and efficient springs while ensuring that our customers are satisfied with both the product and our service.

    Our superb quality control process for coil springs made to order is as follows:

    • First, a work order is created and verified by two persons to ensure that what is being asked is in fact accurate. Once the work order is ready the order is scheduled to be set up in the machines.
    • After the machine is se
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